Why Sony won’t announce PlayStation 4 price and launch date at E3

Sony will likely hold off revealing the PlayStation 4 price and launch date until after E3.

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FrigidDARKNESS2629d ago

They already given a price point 399.99 and an Oct./Nov. Launch. The retailers will be atr3 so they have to announce something.

IamTheStorm812629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Sony gave no such information. Stop spreading BS.

@disagrees: Care to share a link where Sony, not speculation by the media, but Sony themselves confirms the price and release month?

JoGam2629d ago

Ignore those disagrees, That's what those people do for a living. They just jump from article to article disagreeing.

Reverent2629d ago

There really needs to at least be an "ignorant" down-bubble option.

kreate2628d ago

There's only 3 disagrees.
Vs 40 agree I see at the moment.

I also agree w ur comment.

syanara2628d ago

I'm not saying Sony Announced anything about Price or Release Date but I did think there was an interview with Andrew House that pinned a price point at around 300 Euros and a European launch in 2013. I'd have to look for it but the interview seemed pretty unbelievable to me so I'll just wait til they do announce something. Which is going to be pretty likely at E3 especially now that Nintendo has been backing out of it.

The smart marketing move by Sony would be to announce release date and price at E3 because that is easily where they will have the most press attention and consumer attention. Additionally to be announcing such a thing in the States would be in-line with Sony's move to announce the console in New-York PS4 is a perfect chance for Sony to get some of the Western audience that they missed last gen.

If Sony is smart they will announce Price and release date at E3, if Microsoft is smart they will do the same ;)

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KwietStorm2629d ago

Yea? Where exactly did they give this information? Feel free to PM me, so long as you don't link me to a store advertisement.

fermcr2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Sony hasn't given any price point.

They are waiting for the competition... then will price the PS4 accordingly.

As for me i wouldn't mind the PS4 and next Xbox being 300€ at launch... or 350€ for the prinium pack witch includes 1 year of psn+.

4lc4pon32629d ago

Im not worried about the price honestly. Im willing myself to pay anything for the PS4 honestly. Im betting

400-500 or 500-600 if they release a PS4/Vita bundle. I dont care what the cost is honestly The PS4 will be sitting next to my PS3 period

Nitrowolf22629d ago

I hope not, I want a price and a release date. if anything Sony is handling this the exact same way they did with the NGP on PS Day, which turned out to be the PS Vita + Pricing/Launch revealed at E3.

jcnba282629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

The longer sony waits to announce the PS4's price the more people will become impatient, lose interest and opt out for another console.

KosmoCrisis2629d ago

Their major concern is releasing first. There are a ton of posts on ps4daily that indicate this will be least expensive console release in history.

nukeitall2629d ago

I doubt it with 8GBs of GDDR5 that is hugely expensive to manufacture and likely to encounter shortages.

Nobody really uses that amount of RAM let alone in that configuration.

The PS4 is likely to be costly especially as Sony can't afford to gobble up the initial losses in investing into the PS4.

That is the reality of it. I don't think the next Xbox is going to be cheap either.

Just look at the cost of the Wii U.

Gamer19822629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

The wiiu is expensive thanks to the handheld controller thats why if you havnt noticed they still arent selling extra controllers yet. The actual console is very cheap to make.

Rearden2629d ago

Doubt it. Once they reveal the console, most gamers will make up their mind to buy it, whether its 300 or 400 bucks.

MasterCornholio2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

" and opt out for another console."

Like the Wii U?

I dont think so the people who are interested in the PS4 will wait because at the moment Microsoft hasnt even announced their console yet just an announcement of the unveiling of the system but even then we wont know for sure if they will release the price at the event.

KwietStorm2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I don't understand why, unless you're basing your opinion on something you came up with on your own. You're saying people will make up their mind and move on to the competition, as if the competition already released with Sony not yet announcing their own date or price. Obviously not the case. Both Sony and Microsoft are at square one right now.

MysticStrummer2629d ago

Opt out for what? Certainly not the WiiU, unless a flood of amazing titles starts hitting right about now, and even then I wouldn't expect most people to completely skip a next gen console for a current gen one. MS hasn't shown anything, so there's nothing to opt to there, and depending on which rumors turn out to be true it might not be an attractive option for a lot of people.

UnholyLight2629d ago

You're somewhat right. A sales pitch involves a conversation between two people where someone can ask you a lot of questions about your product, and have you answer all of their questions. Not knowing the price of the console by E3 would be a mistake IMO.

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tjames2629d ago

Makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if withholding the price is also just a way of hedging their bets. If Xbox hype falls flat and everybody's chomping at the bit for PS4 come Gamescom, why not announce a slightly higher price than you might have otherwise. If things are looking more competitive, you can slash it before it even hits the shelves to gain an edge.

MonkeyNinja2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

The article makes sense, but I'm guessing that if the price is $399 like rumors suggest, they'll let us know @ E3.

If it's $400+, people will be less interested, in which case it may be better to wait till Gamescon or a Sony event similar to February's, after E3.

But if the price is $399 (or less) it makes sense to let people know at E3 so pre-orders can start flooding in. Otherwise, I think a lot of people might hold off until they get an official price.

I'm sure they'll still have games to show after E3 as well, to tide us over till launch and keep the hype going.

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