What Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will have to compete against (Photos)


Some folks in the gaming industry believe there will always be consoles, like the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, but there has been a report released that quantifies the types of competition those two systems will most likely be facing as time goes on.

According to information sent to today, Juniper Research has conducted various surveying and projecting that provides some insights as to how gamers are playing and where they are playing.

Juniper said that by 2017 there will be approximately 64.1 billion games downloaded onto smartphones and tablets. That number, if correct, would exceed the current total by triple the amount.

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MrDead2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Gaming on Smartphone’s like YouTube is nothing more than a short distraction a very profitable one for the games or the fad of the week.

There is plenty of room for both formats to thrive as they serve two different gaming needs.

Now I’m off to lay a cable, I think I might have a quick play of Mr Legs

darthv722626d ago

to be more powerful and capable means of entertainment will tablets and phones and other mobile devices.

Power consumption reduces, performance increases. They go hand in hand. Now will we ever get to a point where a mobile device can fully replace a stationary one...remains to be seen.

Going by the PC market, laptops started off as an expensive niche when compared to that of regular desktop/towers. Many years later and there are several desktop replacement laptops on the market.

Where there remains to be an advantage is the custom builder market. the modular design makes it easy for pretty much anyone to build a PC that fits their budget or needs.

Tablets, smartphones are closed designs that improve with the next release just like consoles have over the years. The convenience of having a mobile device that doubles as an entertainment platform is too enticing to pass up for many smaller developers.

I have been seeing a trend where some of these little apps/games are making their ways to consoles. In particular the wii-u has had a few of these mobile games announced as being in development for the platform. Maybe its easy for these companies to do given the tablet like controller each wii-u has so transitioning from touch only on a real tablet/phone can work on the wii-u in addition to traditional controls.

Whatever is the driving force behind such a decision is likely going to spread to other smaller devs who are looking to get their game played by more people who may NOT have a regular tablet or smartphone.