Lost Planet 3 Gets New SP Campaign Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom has released a new set of screenshots from the SP campaign of Lost Planet 3."

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Patashnik2000d ago

Still not sure about this game. I loved the last two - but this one I'm not convinced by...

john22000d ago

Lost Planet 2 was underwhelming IMO. A nice tech-demo for the PC, but nowhere as good as LP1. Really hope that LP3 will be similar (at least in its SP campaign mode) to LP1

Patashnik2000d ago

LP 1&2 were very different. I really enjoyed LP1 for both single and multiplayer. LP2 was horrible as a single player game - but I thought as a four player game it was really excellent.

It was just a little tricky to get a good four player game together!

Fingers crossed for 3 though!

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GodsPerfectK7ng2000d ago

Lp1 was great though I didn't bother buying Lp2 north pole setting to tropical island gears of war . I will give Lp3 a try. Capcom a demo if you will, Xbox Live!!!

NeoTribe2000d ago

I really want to be excited for this but i cant. The last two games, while having great starts, began to suck really fast. Hope this one changed things.

Ultr2000d ago

he's everywhere haha