Wii kiosks to have untethered Wii-motes

Nintendo has revealed that Wii kiosks will feature completely wireless Wii-motes in order to allow customers to experience the gameplay as they would in their home.

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nirwanda5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

carn't see many retailers even turning on the machine if it has to be man'd ain't going to be much of a demo pod if it's hardly ever on a good solution would be to glue a security tag to the remote

BIadestarX5897d ago

Cool, now I know where to get a free wiimote for christmas.

eepiccolo5897d ago

...and a beatdown by the ten fanboys who were behind you in line.

BIadestarX5896d ago

true, I didn't think about that.

eepiccolo5897d ago

Yeah, even if the demos are unmanned, theft still won't be a problem due to the massive crowds. Once the crowds die down after Christmas, though, the probably star tethering the Wii Remotes.

ImTheNumber125897d ago

crackheads start stealing more core 360s and using the wiimote as a weapon. And before they wiimote whip the cashier they will see if they can go in slow mo or pull out a sword.

PS360WII5897d ago

just cuz young punks like to destroy or take what demo stuff are out

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