Here's a 'bootleg' trailer for Beyond: Two Souls

As you may have heard, Beyond: Two Souls is an official selection for the Tribeca Film Festival. Sony has sent along a fake bootleg to go along with that massive fake script.

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Walker3073d ago

Jesus Christ @ that graphics and animations O_O !

Godchild10203073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

I want to purchase tickets, but I don't know if I have to order online or I can purchase them at the door.

Sorry, it was a reply to you as it is, it's one comment. But yes those animations are awesome. The first PlayStation exclusive to be there. Sony moving up in the world.

sengoku3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

OMG the PS3 is just starting to hit it's strive.

trenso13073d ago

same with me dont know if i can purchase at the door or not, and i have a class that day >_<

andibandit3073d ago

I would take those graphics with a grain of salt......remember when bf3 trailer released and everyone was going "omg i just came...", and the end result looked nothing like least not on consoles, havent tried the pc version.

OrangePowerz3073d ago

QD showed with Heavy Rain that they can get good graphics out of the PS3. I do think that is real time footage running on the console.

Roccetarius3073d ago

It's possible to get those graphics, but it requires that there will be little to no input from the player.

poopsack3073d ago

What does input have to do with anything? The only reason in game graphics would have to be dumbed down to allow playability is if the playable area required rendering an expansive amount of assets or great draw distances. Even if a player doesnt experience these areas the engine has to optomize itself for the possibility that it will happen. Which is probably not the case with this game, since quantics stages are usually very compressed environment "scenes". Taking away "input" isnt gonna do anything.

Why o why3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Love a bit of variety, some say its the spice of life.

Hellsvacancy3073d ago

It looks brilliant, I didnt even have to look at the trailer

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Sharius3073d ago

i feel like the 2013 GOTY will be sony civil war

AkatsukiPain3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Lol sony does have some new killer ip's this year. Definitely a great year.

U have your opinion but heavy rain isnt a game that comes along every year. Its an amazing game but more for mature audiences.

Im not sure but even the footage from 2012 in the train & in the woods were epic. I think this game will look even better by the time it releases.

Shinra Tensei

tristanwerbe3073d ago

Not really Heavy Rain devs here....overrated game

Why o why3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

@ tristan....You may feel that, but many, who enjoyed playing something a little different, would disagree with you. Try something different. Encourage devs to try something different. Cater to different peoples tastes. Even if you don't like the title, surely you can appreciate what its trying to be and do in our industry.

xHeavYx3073d ago

@Tristanwerbe, go back to your parent's basement and keep playing COD

Awesome_Gamer3073d ago

I hope The Last of Us or GTA V will win it.

sdozzo3073d ago

Getting Tired Of That Face.

_LarZen_3073d ago

As a adult, thank you so much David Cage!

AkatsukiPain3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Yup this game is for mature audiences only, love the lil kiddies with the disagrees lol. Go play your same rehashed games.

He would definitely be a good film director. He has great ideas and can draw out alot emotion in games.

I agree but I also love that there will also be a successor for the ps3 for those who want to jump into the ps4. Aslong as sony supports the ps3 which we know they will u dont have to grab a ps4 yet.

Definitely agree, I mean even now there are devs who still have a problem with learning to code for the ps3 especially since sony wants to support indie devs the ps4 is just an easier transition.

Shinra Tensei

Conzul3072d ago


Cage must be happy. This is an acknowledgement of what he's been piping for so long.

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