Nintendo indicates that they won't have a conference at E3 2013

Nintendo has held annual press conferences at E3 for nearly two decades. But this year, it sounds like the company will be bowing out of the typical proceedings.

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animegamingnerd2637d ago

so this there E3 conference being replace with nintendo direct?

Abash2637d ago

What is Nintendo doing? They should establish a big presence at E3 not to be completely overshadowed by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Infinity after they get their showcases. E3 paves the way for the holiday season as it is

blitz06232637d ago

Wow and here I thought they had something up their sleeve. If their E3 is all about already announced games the Wii U is in bigger trouble than I originally thought.

Root2637d ago

So true

It's like they are running scared but they shouldn't be

It's like dealing with a bully, you can run away but the problem is still there but if you stay and fight...sure you get the crap beaten out of you, in their case being over shadowed by Sony and Microsoft but at least you give it your all and stood your ground

aCasualGamer2637d ago

They got too cocky with Nintendo Wii success. They are in deep trouble now that the true "nextgen" players are in the court. It seems they want to do everything they can to differentiate themselves from any involvement with nextgen gaming and the other companies. It's a really strange strategy.

Maybe they have something up their sleeves since something doesn't smell right, but who knows, it could just be that the head of Nintendo are going mental. Dropping E3 is a big cut from marketing, that's for sure.

FoxHound_2637d ago

Microsoft announces Xbox reveal and Nintendo isn't doing a conference this year all in the same day. I wonder what's going through Kaz Hirai's mind haha.

BattleAxe2637d ago

Ok, so let me get this straight...

#1. Iwata takes control of Nintendo of America

#2. Nintendo announces that they won't be showing up at E3.

Is there anymore proof needed to show Nintendo fanboys that Nintendo is in serious trouble? Nintendo isn't making these decisions "just because". I would love to know what Furious Francis's take is on this.

LOL_WUT2637d ago

How shameful Nintendo get your act together! ;)

--Onilink--2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

We should clarify a few things. 1st they going to be at E3, if anything it seems they are trying to boost their presence on the actual booths. So its not like there wont be any announcements like some people are thinking.

As for what is going to happen, well im pretty shocked about the decision TBH, but on the other hand it does make some sense, if anything its been about 3 years in a row where the E3 conference from all 3 is lackluster in some ways, last year specially. And it has become apparent that the Big 3 are not always sure who to address during these big conferences, gamers, investors, retailers, etc. And they have also proven too short to make all the necesary anouncements, often resulting in other smaller conferences/roundtables/interv iews to fully deliver all news.

So i think Nintendo is trying to divide their "conferences", show the investors what they want to hear in their own meeting, retailers? the same. Gamers? Nintendo Directs (and they have proven quite good)

So yeah, i will certainly miss the possibility of a mind blowing big conference, but I have no doubt Nintendo will still bring out all the Big guns they will just show them differently

Im guessing they might do 2-3 Nintendo Directs throughout the week, each one on specific subject/device. And they will still probably do a small scale conference to show Smash or Zelda, like they did in the past

Realplaya2637d ago

People don't read this is actually smart.

Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media.

Translated we want a more intimate event that focus on what people want and that's games.
In order for them to show off the system they need to have there event be accessible.

ZombieNinjaPanda2637d ago


People on n4g read? What are you high?

g2gshow2637d ago

for being a vet in the game industry nintendo is surly playing like a rookie

Ashunderfire862637d ago

Well it sucks to be Nintendo, cause this years E3 will be so big that it will be televise for the whole world to see. Nintendo Wii U will be stuck in the cold while Xbox Next and PS4 will be even hotter from all people playing them.

thechosenone2637d ago

they need to lower the price on the hardware this isn't funny anymore. if this keeps up I don't see them sticking around for much longer.

brave27heart2637d ago

The idea behind doing a closed cinference for western distributors and a seperate one for western media is all well and good, but the big E3 conferences are a chance to speak to the world, to show off your goods and drive anticipation and hype. Its not going to work as well with smaller conferences aimed at a western audience.

You're alsoin danger of alienating your eastern market, which is a core sector for Nintendo. Its a risky strategy.

ps3_pwns2636d ago

i agree no one mainstream watches the directs and people who watched the directs forget about them. i havent seen barely any news about the new nintendo direct announced games for 3ds its like they werent even announced lol. looks like nintendo gonna get blow away this e3 and be forgotten by all except the really hardcore nintendo fans who will find and search out for every bit of new stuff nintendo shows in the direct.

XB1_PS42636d ago

They're losing a huge opportunity to show that they haven't lost this generation. Everyone was expecting a showing of things to come from nintendo. I see this as a huge mistake from them. If I owned a WiiU, I would be upset to hear that I wouldn't be receiving any news of further games at E3.

LAZL0-Panaflex2636d ago

Lol. Wii u. Lol. This is what happens when u release a console too early. If they waited a few more months they could've unveiled with the other big boys. Now they got shit. Rip.

And so it begins...

papashango2636d ago

Nintendo is playing very passive. they sold 3/4 million Wii U's...

Sure they didn't break records but don't put these customers on the backburner. Show some support for their product. This move has all but sold on me on never buying a Wii U

EVILDEAD3602636d ago

One of THE worse moves in Nintendo history.


Outside_ofthe_Box2636d ago

Wow, I'm OFFICIALLY worried about the Wii U now.

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Trunkz Jr2637d ago

This year they know it's going to be all about PS4 and 720, Nintendo wants to be heard but it would be hard with those 2 giants around so it would be easier to do it before hand and let PS4/720 have the show this year.


Nintendo needs RARE back. I knew it was bad news the day Microsoft acquired them.

hakis862636d ago

It has been traslated:

"Below are Iwata’s comments in full, which have been translated by NeoGAF’s StreetsAhead:

First, we decided not to host a large-scale presentation targeted at everyone in the international audience where we announce new information as we did in the past.

Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media. Also, I did not speak at last year’s presentation, and I am not planning to speak at these events at the E3 show this year either. Apart from these exclusive events for visitors, we are continuing to investigate ways to deliver information about our games directly to our home audience around the time of E3. We will share more information about them once they have officially been decided.

During the E3 period, we will utilize our direct communication tools, such as Nintendo Direct, to deliver information to our Japanese audience, including those who are at this financial briefing, mainly focusing on the software that we are going to launch in Japan, and we will take the same approach outside Japan for the overseas fans as well."

chrismichaels042637d ago

One of the major 3 companies not showing up for E3? That is a massive fail for Nintendo. No excuses.

gamer422637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

How is it a fail, they could just as easily announce as many games in a 1 hour direct as in E3 and they.never said they werent going to show up, they just wont have a conference

chrismichaels042637d ago

Let's not kid ourselves. I don't care how many Nintendo Directs they put together. None of them equal the level of media exposure Nintendo would get from E3. Them not even showing up for E3 is a very bad sign for the WiiU going forward. I was expecting a strong E3 showing from them to stay relevant and compete against the PS4 and 720. Nintendo having closed door meetings at E3 isn't the same as them advertising the WiiU on the big televised media stage. No excuses. It's a bad move and I really hope Nintendo reconsiders.

SilentNegotiator2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

"they could just as easily announce as many games in a 1 hour direct as in E3"

But how many people watch Nintendo Direct conferences compared to E3 conferences? Hint: E3 is always the biggest game conference of the year.

Tito082637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

@ gamer42- I don't think simply announcing games will fix the problem, Nintendo knows this E3 will be all about two newly designed & more powerful next generation consoles, & that will be released this year as well. Simply announcing Mario after another Mario themed game with Zelda & others will overshadow Sony & Microsoft's new consoles.

If Nintendo isn't going to have a conference at E3, it's because they're not in a very good position to talk about their plans for the holidays & the years to come when there's two newly designed consoles to be unveiled & launch sooner than people expected, this is clearly a "Playing it safe" strategy on Nintendo's part. Please, let's not pretend as if everything Nintendo does is "Smart", "Awesome", "Perfect" because this clearly shows this isn't the case, just like how they suddenly dropped the price of the 3DS, they didn't drop the price for just simply doing so, they did it because they had to, they felt the pressure because it was selling poorly.

We don't know what are they going to announce at the time of E3, but as it seems, they don't think their plans will overshadow Sony & MS's next-gen offerings.

Like Chris said, Nintendo, being a veteran in the gaming business, clearly does not have an excuse to not have a conference, & sometimes I wonder why they hardly show up at TGS, this shows they're screwed up big time. That Nintendo Direct won't solve anything.

Old McGroin2636d ago

@ chrismichaels04

Learn to read. Nintendo WILL be at E3 and they WILL be showcasing for the media, as you obviously didn't bother reading the article here's what Nintendo have said:

"Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media."

I swear this site is completely infested with illiterate, fanboy trolls.

chrismichaels042636d ago

@Old, you are definitely one of the special people on N4G. There is a big difference between having a big conference on the actual big nationally televised E3 stage and having a bunch of smaller briefings behind closed doors. Us grown folks are talking about Nintendo not having a big E3 stage show. You obviously missed the entire point of the discussion.

I get that your frustrated and disappointed that your fanboy pride was hurt by this announcement, but you need to go take your hurt feelings and go vent somewhere else. Nintendo not having a conference on the big E3 stage is a fact, nobody is making this up. And talking about this fact does not make anyone a troll.

And FYI junior, I am a Nintendo supporter and I have a 3DS that I have enjoyed very much. So stop wasting my time with your ignorant nonsense. That is all I have to say on the matter.

OhMyGandhi2636d ago

that's like saying Nintendo is better off playing at one hundred coffee shops rather than at Madison Square Garden. It's all about media exposure, and this seemingly unintelligent move by them shows just how damned disconnected they are from the rest of the industry.
I honestly believe that they thought next gen consoles couldn't hold the appeal of the Wii or the Wii-u, that they could only wow us with impressive graphics and M-rated titles. Microsoft and Sony are out for blood now, and Nintendo simply hasn't shown good leadership for some time now.
What pains me the most, is that I DO NOT WANT NINTENDO TO FAIL, but their ignorance, and arrogance is just too prevalent to ignore.

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jcnba282637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Yes multiple Nintendo Directs throughout the week of E3.

Nintendo will still be at E3 2013, they just won't have a conference this year.

_QQ_2636d ago

Not a huge conference, one for the industry and the other to show off games. Idk what they mean by that though, does it mean shorter confrences or in a smaller room? idk.

Ricdog2637d ago

I'm not entirely sure Nintendo is too worried. Lets not forget Nintendo has MONEY IN THE BANK!!!!! Even if the Wii U crashes and burns horribly, Nintendo would still be financially secure for many many years. Plus the 3DS is doing great now and making some nice cash.

This is however a strange strategy Nintendo is playing. Again the company itself is not in any real trouble whatsoever. But in terms of trying to win the console wars, I'm not sure what they are thinking. Nintendo does like to take some major risks. Sometimes they fail horribly (virtual boy) and other times they pay off (wii).

skyrimer2637d ago

Well next time they may consider to use all that money for making games instead

TheLyonKing2637d ago

profit margins for handhelds are a lot smaller than home consoles they aren't making much money back on those 3ds's.

YEs they do have money and lots of it but they can't keep operating under there current buisness structure, jsut because you ahve a lots of money doesnt mean you shouldnt worry about wasting it.

Ricdog2636d ago

Handhelds make less profit???? LOL, tell that to the DS. The 3DS is has only recently started to return profits, due to Nintendo having to drop price they weren't making much money initially. But if the 3DS continues strong it will have a very nice return in cash.

The same can't be said for all consoles. Case in point the gamecube, N64, Xbox, ps3 (initially). Companies didn't get much back or worse, lost millions with them.

Don't get me wrong, I don't care much for Nintendo at all. Couldn't care less about a Wii U. But Nintendo is rich. No matter what Nintendo will not be in any real "financial" problem for many many years.

Persistantthug2635d ago

of money that Microsoft and Sony have.

Nintendo has approx 10 Billion in cash. That's not bad. But if the Wii U does fail, then it would probably cause Nintendo to consider leaving the Console business, and going fulltime with handhelds.

I mean, Nintendo has clearly shown that they are adverse to spending money, and going with another console to lose more money is a bad business decision, when you consider that it costs a couple of Billion to bear a technologically sound console to market.

As far as them missing their annual E3 conference, I'm as puzzled as everyone else.

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Donnieboi2637d ago

If Nintendo doesn't go to E3, then that is practically suicide. They better be going to E3.

PopRocks3592637d ago

Just throwing this out there; E3 is not the only outlet to get information to the public. Sony revealed the PS4 with their own conference and the net was all abuzz about it.

Donnieboi2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

True, but I still think E3 is a good time to show some teeth, because it will give potential customers some time to weigh in all of their options with enough time to decide which console is right for them. The biggest sales are during the holiday season, and E3 is the biggest show.

Also, both MS and Sony did have their won shows--yes. But they will ALSO combine it with E3, which BUILDS momentum by having stacked shows. Nintendo will only have their own show (assuming that even happens). Plus the Nintendo directs that already happened didn't garner the same excitement as e3 or ps4's previous show did. Nintendo needs to SHOW their cards.

If Nintendo did it at Tokyo gameshow or something, it might not build as much momentum as ps4 and next box for the holiday season.

Either way, it's just my opinion, which I am entitled to.

Yodagamer2637d ago

E3's not getting as much publicity as it used to, with g4 gone and spike only covering it on a "whenever it can fit it" basis. Alot of people are going to be watching it on the Internet anyways, So why not save the extra money and time when you can get your info out there on our own when the people interested would have watched it online regardless. This decision has it's pluses and negatives, no doubt, but it won't kill them as long as they have games there.

Klonopin2636d ago

Go to E3 for what? To show how good the Wii U can port third party games?

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aceitman2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

heck they really didn't show much for wii u and n direct and what they showed had no firm release dates or gameplay im not liking it .they should show up for e3 with dates and show gameplay , give a reason to say hey there giving me something. but in my eyes im really thinking about letting my wii u go . and fanboys stand down I own all consoles but I don't want to get stuck with just 1st party games 3rd party is not looking good right now , they should have put the same or close effort to the wiiu like they did the 3ds . its not good for any major system to skip e3.

hollabox2637d ago

Satoru Iwata needs to resign immediately. He got lucky with the Wii because of the novelty of the Wii remote but what has he done for Nintendo lately? Bad hardware decisions, bad marketing, bad third party relations,and now he wants to have less of an presence at the biggest gaming event this year. No wonder Wii U sales has fallen flat in the US, they might even lose more third party support if this is true. If I was an developer I wouldn't want to develop on an slightly under power console with an recent history of poor third party sales and a idiot running the company.

g2gshow2637d ago

what are they doing dam dam dam if you picked up a wiiu day one this has to be disappointing i dont even have one an im disappointed

MasterCratosKong662636d ago

Actually people who already have the system won't be the one's to be disappointed. They are still showing the same games at E3, just not at a big conference. The people who would be inspired to buy a wii u after seeing the big flashy conference would be the customers lost as a result of this decision. I personally don't care if Super Smash is announced in a big conference or just shown in a direct. As long as it is coming.

NBT912636d ago

Why would I be disappointed? This way I get to skip all the boring "OUR CONSOLE SOLD X MILLIONS OF UNITS LAST YEAR!" sales figures boring rubbish that happens at the beginning of an E3 conference. I don't care if they sold 100 or 1 million to be honest, that has no impact on me.

What DOES impact me, as a gamer is the games funnily enough. By using Direct, I will get to see everything Nintendo has to offer, they won't be forced to a two hour conference time limit to squeeze everything in on top of the sales talks.

The only people who watch E3 conferences are gamers, most of which have already decided they either like the WII U or they don't. If you do, then Nintendo will be sending their E3 stuff directly to you which is pretty good if you ask me. And if you don't, then why would you watch it anyway?

g2gshow2636d ago

it's a reason why nintendo hasn't missed a E3 for nearly two decades it's important .

AngelicIceDiamond2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

So Nintendo won't be announcing anything on the grandest stage!?

I think Nintendo really has nothing to show regarding third party. third party is the filler of all three pressers and Third party aren't supporting it.

Its think its official, third party wants nothing to do with Nintendo. This sucks, Ubisoft is there only BIG supporter.

N4g_null2637d ago

This is the remedy for E3! It is back to addressing the gamer again. The specatcal is bigger than gaming now. I mean usher and a bunch of talking heads instead of raw video games. There is too much marketing in gaming right now. A good product will market it self.

Why o why2637d ago

A good product plus good marketing is even better. Better to have push and pull tactics working for you.

This is strange. When ms were missing events over the past few years it was obviously because they had less to show or say. They also adopted using their own tailored events so it wasn't all bad. Sony done both

Dj7FairyTail2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

This may sound bad in one way but it really good idea.

They can focus more on their software than just showing trailers or having to stand up in front of their audiences and talk about Wii U sales or hardware or such.

They can do the following:
- Showcase gameplays and have developers give lots of info
- They can focus more on software lineups easier
- They can host Nintendo Direct multiple times before E3 or after E3
- They can announce new titles and new third party support

Nintendo does a lot of Software Showcase after their press conference. This is where they revealed The Wonderful 101 after not showing up in last year E3 press conference. This is why I believe it not entirely a bad idea. In the marketing standpoint maybe but this way they can host tons of software without having a time limit.

ExCest2636d ago

They can also save their stuff for TGS. I'm pretty sure Nintendo would want to win their home country over first before trying to get others.

kingrev2636d ago

Will anyone give two shits about directs thou?, when you got two titans in the building? plus directs are nowhere near as big as the conferences hosted in E3, Nintendo missing the chance to have one is absolutely ridiculous, they been in the industry for years they knew the new consoles were going to be announce and released this year, instead of working their assess off and try to come with a good strategy and hype the console, they doing the opposite.

3-4-52637d ago

They will probably have 4-5 Nintendo Directs over the rest of the year.

2 during E3.

socks2636d ago

This you get, from nothing.

2637d ago
sinjonezp2636d ago

I sit here and actually read the comments and I agree with most. Say what you will about E3 (negatively),but it is the stage where the mainstream and actual gamers pay attention. Ask someone, anyone, "hey did you see that Nintendo direct?" 8-10 will say no and what was it about? E3 is about hands on with physical products, demonstrating what's coming this holiday season, and developing excitement about your products. Nintendo direct is just not enough. E3 is a big stage and to strafe around it may be detrimental. I do hope Nintendo has something to show, otherwise it will only be gamers and consumers talking about ps4 and nextbox. Thoughts of a true gamer.

AsheXII2636d ago

No, they will have multiple events during E3, just not a big conference.

herbs2636d ago

Nintendo is becoming more out of touch on a daily basis, It's sad.

rick1woller2636d ago Show
avengers19782636d ago

How is this going to help them sell consoles, and so much focus on America and "western gamers" are they forgetting the rest of the world. Are they doing so well every where but the U.S that they can ignore them?

Blaze9292636d ago

honestly, no one really cares about the Nintendo Press Conferences like they do the Microsoft and Sony ones. They probably realized that and noticed for their fanbase, Nintendo Direct will be a much better suitable event instead of having to waste millions of dollars and time doing a conference most never care about.

Nicolee2636d ago

I talked to my friends today about this news and they don't even know what Nintendo Direct is.

Anon19742636d ago

I don't blame them. The average, casual gamer doesn't even know what E3 is. E3 has just morphed into a huge marketing event over the years and Nintendo really doesn't have that much to gain by spending x number of dollars that could better be spent targeting their actual demographic.

stage882636d ago

Looks like its really going down the toilet for Nintendo's home console this gen. It's not so bad though as they are sitting on all the Wii money and the 3DS is doing well.

2636d ago
LAZL0-Panaflex2636d ago

Awesome article! I think I'll go out and buy a wii u.

Divine2636d ago

when i saw this article title the first thing i did was laugh. lol

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2637d ago
majiebeast2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Does Nintendo just want Sony and Microsoft to steamroll all over them? Directs are nice but they dont nearly have the hype of a E3 presser or the viewers.