Microsoft says: Next Xbox a “Real” Taste of the Future- Market-speak, or an ace up their sleeve?


"So, Microsoft has imparted all the juicy details about when they will impart the juicy details upon us.

However, I noticed an interesting anomaly in the diction. “On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future.”

A 'real' taste of the future."

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XB1_PS42029d ago

I hate time, I want to see this real future they speak of. Then I shall decide which console will grace it's presence upon the floor under my desk.

aCasualGamer2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Agree, just hope it's a future i want to be part of because if it has anything to do with an "always online" future then i'll pass.

morganfell2029d ago

If the specs fail to at least match the PS4 then E3 will turn into one big damage control event with MS trying to convince everyone of the importance of everything else but games.

2029d ago
MonkeyNinja2029d ago

@ DK286K

It's not like Sony are the only ones who have crazy fanboys. Microsoft has their fair share too. Regardless of which system is technically superior, or which has more games, fanboys will fight it out on both sides. Just a fact of life.

sikbeta2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

It's actually a PR shot fired at Sony and Nintendo because both of them never really revealed the console on their first "reveal"
announcement :P

E: for those talking about "HW power" going by rumors, specs will not be much different, it's not going to be like X360 vs PS3 and it'll be the same version of games for both, so no need to worry or even troll about it...

MaxXAttaxX2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

What does that even mean? Sounds non-gaming related.


Why would Sony show the console at the PS Meeting when they showed more than enough content that day and they can save the hardware reveal(plus more) for E3. And if Microsoft does show the console BEFORE E3 it gives Sony the opportunity to make a bigger bang AT E3.

g2gshow2029d ago

@Morganfell & MonkeyBootey

boys it's to early wait till E3 then take the gloves off ha ha haaa (evil laugh)

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Army_of_Darkness2029d ago

I'm sure it's something we already have seen or seen recently considering that MS copies everything that's trendy;-)

Mustang300C20122029d ago

Right because trophies were an original idea.

Washington-Capitals2029d ago

And playstation move was original right? LOL

AkatsukiPain2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )


Everyone copies. Its not about who did it 1st, aslong as its successful, in the end thats all that matters.

Shinra Tensei

AngryEnglish2029d ago

No no, that's samsung and apple that copy things that are trendy, apple even take it a step further, they take your shit then sue you for using it lol

Army_of_Darkness2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Very.... very... True. About apple lol!

Thirty3Three2029d ago

Uh, the PlayStation Move was patented before the "Wiimote", so yes.

ALLWRONG2029d ago

Don't forget Sony copied

PSN from Live
Battle Royal from SB
LBPC from Mario Kart
PS4 Camera from Kinect (PSEye doesn't use infrared)
Streaming media from a PC or other device from Xbox
Apps from 360

In fact what exactly has Sony innovated in the past 15 years? Everything comes from someone else.

Mkai282029d ago

Also, the PSN friends list was original as well

PSVita2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

@ all above- Sony put games on disk... period not only that put invented the technology to do it. Every game you played on disk, every cd you've burned and DVD/ blu-ray you've watched you can thank Sony for. Plus they added the second analog. :)

2029d ago
g2gshow2029d ago


you'r starting to sound like naruto ....hehe

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Bigpappy2029d ago

M$ will have an Ace. They always do.

ThatCanadianGuy5142029d ago

I wonder what it will be this time.

Drake? maybe even the beebs himself! Thats what i expect.Flash, hype, smoke & mirrors.

DOMination-2029d ago

One thing their reveal wont have is loads of boring corporate speaking that most people dont care about which the other company doez have a tendancy to do. Well they might, but certainly at e3 in recent years theyve made a big deal about their philosophy to just show stuff. Lets hope the difference this year is that their content is worth showing.

AngelicIceDiamond2029d ago

"On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future. Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games."

"Showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games."

My favorite part of his comment. Looks like MS will be showing off its line up of games and new Ip's just like Sony. E3 2013 will be the one to watch gamers.

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BadCircuit2029d ago

I'm hoping there is something different about it, or what's the point.

aGameDeveloper2029d ago

The operative word is "taste". The novel aspect of the new console will be tubes you stick in your mouth, so you can get a "real TASTE" of what you are playing...

jc485732029d ago

while i've been a long time Sony suppoter, I still am excited what other consoles have in store for all of us.

play_the_station2029d ago

seeing the battles themselvs is a lot of fun!

VINNIEPAZ2029d ago

"seeing the battles themselvs is a lot of fun!"

Battle? I never understand what this "battle" is. I know I love playing games and will get every system and want ALL of them to be awesome! But I guess Im in the minority

malokevi2029d ago

screw the battles, I'll be busy playing amazingly optimized video games.

2029d ago
Proeliator2029d ago

MS unveilings are usually pretty grand. Can't wait to see it.

HeavenlySnipes2029d ago

If by grand you mean they show alot of irrelevant stuff before they show what we came to see. Remember the Kinect reveal at E3? lol

Urusernamesucks2029d ago

@HeavenlySnipes that was only once, get over it, and besides last years e3 was pretty awsome not to mention the launch at 2005, everyone was blown away.

Qrphe2029d ago

I agree. I'm pretty sure it'll blow us all away. We may complain about the dvrbox or whatever but even then Microsoft will make it appealing to all of us.

KwietStorm2029d ago

If its a dvrbox, as you say, there is nothing they can say that will make it appealing to me. I need Microsoft to literally bring their A game, emphasis get the idea.

sourav932029d ago

Same here. Who knows, if the new Xbox amazes me, I might just pick it up a year after the PS4 (if they release at the same time).

madpuppy2029d ago

exactly, A year after the next MS console release was my idea as well, A year should shake out any major quality issues or flaws. I was burned pretty bad with the 360.

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gaminoz2029d ago

I think if they have backwards compatibility it will help a lot since Sony doesn't.

Yes most people don't play old games, but it is a big selling point in the transition period between gens.

play_the_station2029d ago

really though back compat is useful for like a year then people forget... people need to calm down

N4Flamers2029d ago

I almost agree with you. I won't get rid of my ps3 once I get the ps4, but you have to wonder if all those HD collections would have surfaced if every console was backwards compatible.

They can use it to their advantage with series that have sequel's like mass effect 4 giving you extra weapons if you played the first 3. That gives you extra value for what you bought and adds incentive to buy a new game.

I don't think its the most important thing, but it is appreciated.

Transporter472029d ago

Backwards compability is going to increase the price of the console. Look at Sony's first models they were expensive then as soon as it was drop it reduced price. Xbox360 has very very limited xbox compability. Honestly I don't think this will be a game changer to make me buy the next xbox i want good features on it that concentrate on next gaming.

dcbronco2029d ago

They dropped a lot more than the Emotion Engine to bring down the price.

DOMination-2029d ago

The ps2, much like the ps3 had unusual components that were still expensive. The 360 not so much. It will roughly be similar architecture to the new console. Also the 360 doesnt have "very very limited bc". It actually plays most xbox originals.

If people are looking to buy a console in the first year, bc may be a selling point.

KwietStorm2029d ago

Yea. I'm looking forward to all the 'PS3 owners' who will say they're getting the new Xbox because it has backward compatibility. You know, so they can play their PS3 games on it.

NegativeCreepWA2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Actually, considering I own 60+ Arcade games, backwards compatibility is pretty damn important to me this gen.

All those games will be useless without it, if can load them to a new console I may still play them, if I have to keep an obsolete one around to play them, I may not.

If Sony or MS release updated versions of any of my PSN or XBLA games for the new console, I better be getting to re-download them for free or at least at small charge like Nintendo has done.

All I know is, if I get screwed on digital downloads, I'm only purchasing them on the PC from now on.

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DeusExer2029d ago

Let the battle begin it seems