Hands-on with NHL 2K7 for the PS3

IGN had a chance to go hands-on with NHL 2K7 for PS3.

"When it comes to general gameplay, NHL 2K7 feels nearly identical to the 360 version. What sets the PS3 build apart from its competitor, however, is the implementation of the PS3 Six Axis controller. While offense hasn't seen any real improvement from the controller implementation, defense shines on the PS3, using the Six Axis controller to fill two primary functions.

For starters, the controller can be used at any time on defense to deliver a more powerful check. Simply skate within range of an opposing player, line them up, and use your hands to do a virtual check towards the skater. Your player will instantly dash towards the puck-carrier in the direction you tilted, delivering a huge check.

In general, the check control worked fine, though we have to note that the lack of force feedback caught us off guard. We lined up our target and crashed them against the boards, though there was definitely something missing. Of course the PS3 controller no longer supports rumble, but we could definitely have used it, and are hoping for future implementation of a Dual Shock/Six Axis controller for situations like these. All in all, the functionality worked without a single problem.

Where the PS3 version truly shined, however, was in the Crease Control. For anyone unfamiliar with what Crease Control is all about, it's very simple, and it truly changes the game entirely. At any point where your controlled character doesn't have possession of the puck, simply click the R3 button to go into Crease Control mode. The camera will instantly switch to a transparent third-person view of the goalie, and you'll have the ability to control the tender's vision cone.

As long as the goalie is looking at the puck during a shot, the game will go into a version of 2K7 bullet time, allowing you a chance to aim the goalie's block cursor at the incoming puck. The closer you are to the puck, the better chance your goalie has at blocking it. On PS3, all Crease Control is handled with the Six Axis controller, giving players the option of tilting left or right to control the vision cone, and then using the controller's full power during a shot to steer the goalie cursor for a block.

The Six Axis functionality is purely optional of course, though we had a blast making huge saves and diving across the crease to deny powerful one-timers and firing slapshots. During our hands-on the control was inverted, though the option was there to use default controls as well. The added tilt control felt absolutely solid, and the promise of tilt sensitivity in the final version adds to our confidence in the Six Axis implementation. Using the controller was quick and easy, and really added to the experience."

LAWMAN6256d ago

But man, I just wish Sony would for once get rid of its ego and settle with Immersion. Although I love the idea of motion sensing, I really want rumble back!

Donkey Slayer6256d ago

All things being equal I'd buy the 360 version for the rumble.

Marriot VP6255d ago

it's not their ego, it's their wallet. Think about it immersion may cost 10 bucks to add on. Multiply that by 10 million and you have a big loss.

ad4mb6256d ago

it would be cool if you could have both, motion scensing and rumble

Boink6256d ago

EA nhl07 looks much better and plays way better with the new controller layout.

Munky6255d ago

Like most canadians do, I live and breathe anything hockey. With that being said, this game is far more realistic then NHL 07. As fun as the new controls are for EA's version, it doesn't feel like real hockey. When you play 2K7 everything reacts how it should, the way the puck bounces the way the D reacts to the play etc...2K7 is the way to go if you are a true hockey buff, no doubt about it.

Maddens Raiders6256d ago (Edited 6256d ago )

Call me a little pre-mature, but whenever the P3 gets the rumble-axis controllers it will catapult the system over the proverbial hump and mark the beginning of its dominance. I think this is what Enterbrain, and other analysts (know) is eventually coming for the Sony P3 and therefore think that it will catch up in the console wars rather quickly. The Cell, a rumble-axis controller?, Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 and Blu-Ray will make the P3 irresistable to gamers and gadgetfiles looking for "cutting edge tech". The confirmed addition of YDL in fact, will allow PS3 to be an ideal media centre and server itself. Think of XBMC, but for HD media. Think also of homebrew. The point is you can do whatever you want, as long as you or the community makes it happen. At the very least, this comaprison just shows the very BEGINNING of what this system has to offer fresh out of the box.

daboosa6256d ago

I still think the system offers enough! at the end of the day who needs vibrate we are only used to this offputting feature tilt is the way to go sirious sod vibrate

andy capps6256d ago

Honestly, I don't miss the rumble. I have a Pelican wireless controller for my PS2 that I bought, and realized after I started using it that it didn't have rumble. Then I realized that I didn't really care, it was nice to have wireless and a light controller. Very comfortable as well.

Siesser6255d ago

As much as I enjoy rumble and wish it weren't gone, I can't bring myself to say that feedback is more important than input. If I had to have ONE, I'd rather have the extra, intuitive input functionality than the controller shaking.

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EA's new 'Skate' is a free-to-play live service game

It won't be pay-to-win and none of the map will be behind a paywall.

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willium425506d ago

Can you please share us an image depicting the issue?

boing1506d ago

I kind of like the idea of free, social skateboarding game in an open world.

sourOG506d ago

Lmao of course… that blows

Inverno506d ago

I mean it could work. They could easily sell branded cosmetics which could pull in quite a bit of money if done right, but I can't say I'm not a bit disappointed. I'll try it cause I really like the series, but it'll suck if this fails cause I really like the series lol

Kornholic505d ago

"If done right" lmao. The only way to do that right is to make them unlockable via in game progression.

Inverno505d ago

If done right they can do it like how Minecraft has done it for years and people don't have an issue with how MC does it. I wanna hate on EA just as much as the next guy, but I'll wait until after they ruin Skate to have a negative opinion on it.