The best set of leaks yet about the “Next Xbox” (Satire)

In the last few days we here at TruTechNoid have been privy to some amazing details on the upcoming “Next XBOX” from an unnamed source close to the PR team over at Microsoft, Now with all details yet to be confirmed by the respective manufacturer take these amazing new features with a pinch of salt.

Get ready to have your mind truly BLOWN!!!

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DeadPixel2831d ago

Hahaha this made me chuckle :-)

jjb19812831d ago

I just got an email from Microsoft, the next gen reveal is may 21st at 10 am pacific time. On

InMyOpinion2831d ago

Weird. Here's the same type of satirical article that for some reason was 'failed' -

Also had some funny bits. :)

Jek_Porkins2831d ago
That was kind of funny, glad we don't have to deal with idiotic rumors for much longer.
This gif is pretty funny actually.

Neko_Mega2831d ago

Next Xbox will have 20GB of RAM (Unlike those others) and support a 1TB - 10TB disc format (way better then that thing Sony made).

An to add icing to the cake, we added 4TB hard drive build in.

What? Overpower or something? I would love to see a game console do this and more.