#XboxReveal - Official 720 Reveal Dated

MajorNelson Writes:

'On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on, Xbox LIVE and broadcast on Spike TV if you are in the US or Canada.'

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AngelicIceDiamond2003d ago

Now fanboys will have something to officially troll in several weeks.

sengoku2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

ahgg finally an official announcement

darthv722003d ago

and 'games' was listed first. I like that.

nukeitall2003d ago

Sh!t is about to get hot in here! Especially for trolls and fanboys.

I couldn't care less and is just really excited. Problem is, it is a freaken month away!

DragonKnight2003d ago

@darthv72: Doesn't really mean anything, but "TV" was listed too so that pretty much confirms that the Nextbox is going to be about tv in part.

Braid2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

About friggin' time. People were kind of going insane over the vague rumors recently. Finally Microsoft will be putting an end to the trolling (and ironically, open the road for new ones).

I'm expecting to see some Alan Wake 2 footage myself. Yeah folks, you heard it here first.

darthv722003d ago

I know its just the wording but they could have made it alphabetical:

"entertainment, games & TV"

View it that way if that suits your preference.

2003d ago
BlindGuardian2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

so this happened exactly as the rumors predicted it was going to

wonder what other rumors will be confirmed as well...


the fact that the are placing "games and TV" at all on the same sentence with "games" on a game console announcement is in itself cause for concern

gaffyh2003d ago

@BlindGuardian - True, but the source that first leaked this date did also say that an internet connection was only required for certain apps. In any case, I'm just glad that MS has officially announced the event, but it feels very late IMO, because E3 is only a couple of weeks later.

nypifisel2003d ago

That they put "Gaming" first doesn't mean anything. Now I'm a PC gamer but I have liked what the PS4 has shown so far (Since it will effect PC gaming positively). But what you probably can read into that "of games, TV and entertainment." Is that games will be sharing focus with entertainment and TV. Which would actually speak for it to be less about games than the PS4.

A box can do many things decently or one thing great! So I for one did not like that wording.

van-essa2003d ago

Hahah N4G, never change. This place is still ruled by the Sony fanboys.

Anyway, on topic, It's great to finally have an official announcement. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

DragonKnight2003d ago

@Donkey Kong 286,000 Points: "The fact that they chose to put "games" first speaks volumes about their priorities."

No it doesn't. If anything all it does is try to ease the potential backlash of "we've focused more on TV and Entertainment but look, it still plays games."

I can't believe people are reading into the order in which Major Nelson placed these mediums. Really?

darthv722003d ago

Im not into marketing but isnt it generally that you lead with your strongest point?

So putting games first may not seem like much to those who dont care for MS but it could be the premise that it will be a focus like the other two.

i mean all of these consoles do more than games. They all offer tv features and other forms of entertainment. so what is really the harm in how they word it? If they word it in the order of importance or alphabetical or whatever....we all know that all three will be points of interest for someone.

how these points appeal to people will differ. What should matter most is if they will give a price and date of availability.

minimur122003d ago

when it is officially announcd, I wonder how many comments will get greyed out from n4g for trolling

greenpowerz2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I'm having trouble figuring out to which rumors you are referring to. Are you talking about the new positive rumors supposedly corrected after getting more detailed info or the old misunderstood abused negative rumors based on the misunderstanding of the new info? *head explodes*


"First, I'll admit some things that I originally hinted at in the first pastebin are now not going to happen. the date, as you may know by now was pushed back back to May," So this is Vgleaks article about how a different source had the same info

"We have recieved new information about the latest Xbox Roadmap. Our source unveils new details for Durango, Xbox mini and the Microsoft Strategy"
First ones that came across the info independently from the PasteBin guy.

The dude that first reported on the leaked info and 720 reveal date, first corrected the reveal date, then weeks later corrected his misunderstanding of the xbox hardware as you most likely know due to the amount of stories that floated around the web two weeks ago(Not on N4G ;)

Just putting all the rumors out there since you were not clear on which ones you were talking about :)

BlindGaudian writes: "the fact that the are placing "games and TV" at all on the same sentence with "games" on a game console announcement is in itself cause for concern"

Multi Tasking Media Consoles are what made next gen, next gen! and has shaped the rest of the digital realm/industry. I doubt a envious hater's opinion is going to undo what consumers expect from electronics in this day in age, when the spend their hard earned cash. LMAO

just_jeff2003d ago


I don't think they, nor Sony, deserve any extra credit for focusing on "gaming." They are videogame consoles, that is their primary function.

I think what most people are "afraid" of is the possibility that the other features could take away from the "gaming" part of "videogame console." They're concerned that MS, instead of focusing 100% on gaming is now split. A certain % goes to gaming focus, another goes to trying to work on deals with TV networks and Cable companies and making that work, another goes to Kinect tech. Their concern is that somewhere in this last gen MS saw the potential of the casual "gamer" and how well the Wii sold... and that MS is slowly moving away from strictly "gaming." Next Next gen could see the new X-Box as just having a feature to play games. It's a entertainment hub for the living room: It plays movies, streams movies, it has DVR functions, has apps... oh and you can play videogames.

Microsoft is a smart company, they've done the research. They know their is a limit to the gaming market audience. They're a company that lives to make money, what company doesn't. This gen could be a vision into the future of what the X-Box will ultimately become... A TV and Entertainment device that plays videogames...

There are some that would like that to happen, but it would be a shame if the videogame industry lost X-Box as a "game" console.

Good_Guy_Jamal2003d ago

Good to finally have an official date. With any luck the naysayers can shut up about a console that hasn't even been announced yet.

bintarok2003d ago

Not really surprised TBH, Micro goes to use the word "home entertainment center" for the new xbox. It might only be ideal for those who don't want their entertainment room being cluttered by cable boxes, consoles, etc.

I guess it boils down to each company's business plan, if one just imitates another then you'll see the opposite fans may go ballistic over copying ideas. Like the old Apple slogan, 'Think Different'

Let Sony be Sony, and Micro be Micro. Not Sony be Micro, or the other way around.

Bigpappy2003d ago

good to see has stuck to their guns. This is how they always reveal (Just before E3). M$ marches to the beat of their own drum. They will continue as planed. No need to rush because the competition decided they needed to.

I look forward to see what they have to offer so I could compare the 2 offerings. I really what to see what Kinect 2 will be all about. I have already seen some of the new gestures illustrated on the PC, but I know there is much more. E3 is where the surprise game line-up will be shown. Console release are always exciting and the hype is going to build from here on.

Army_of_Darkness2003d ago

"Ms marches to the beat of their own drums"

No need to rush just because the competition did?! Lmfao!!!! Oooh boy.. if you don't know why i'm laughing this hard then your lost too...

Sevir2003d ago

and co have been hard at work on! I'm excited to see what they offer, i dont care too much about the TV offerings, its the games that interest me!... I'll be watching it for sure!

SilentNegotiator2003d ago

"and 'games' was listed first. I like that"

It's easy to order your list to appease people. Let's see if they actually break their way of doing things from the last few years, though.

Boody-Bandit2002d ago

The only thing I am interested in May 21st is MS to confirm whether or not they will support used and rental games.

InMyOpinion2002d ago

@DragonKnight - Why would other features take away from games?

I watch Netflix on my Xbox 360 and Halo 4 still plays the same. Do your PS3 games lose quality when you browse the web on it?

It's a stupid argument. Having more features built-in doesn't have to take away anything from how the games look or play.

insomnium22002d ago


I think he means the way Kinect took away from core gamers with x360. The amount of core games went way down compared to the first half of x360's lifecycle when Kinect arrived.

This event will be watched by the millions and we will see if MS is willing to put some effort and please the core gamer or if they will continue the casual line like they've been on for the last 3-4 years. There's no running away now. The truth shall set us free. LOL!

Word of caution though. Unless MS comes out banging with core games (exclusive new ips too) there will be a meltdown of the internet.

camel_toad2002d ago

Forget fanboys, this is great for people that like games who don't care what system they play on.

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ardivt2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I hope the hardware is as promising as the ps4 hardware seems to be.
epics and konamis tech demos look stunning

Shuyin2003d ago

You mean EPIC's and.. Campcom's, right??

ardivt2003d ago

I meant kojimas FOX engine. But You're right, it's not really konami

NobleTeam3602003d ago

Wow someone who actually gave a good comment? I never thought I'd see that on this website.

grailly2003d ago

it's just before E3, I wonder how they'll handle it. They are going to have to do two big unveils in under a month, I hope they have enough content.

Christopher2003d ago

They have games and a bit more info to show at E3. They just don't want E3 to be all about the console being shown and have it overshadow the games.

Cam9772003d ago Show
nthstew2003d ago

hurrah so it is true after all...

harrisk9542003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Replied to the wrong post... see below.

Highlife2003d ago

TV and Entertainment? This is why the next box is going to suck. They are focusing way to much on non gaming related stuff. Hello pizza hut app! Yeah something i could do on my phone. Show forza Say halo is coming Kinect and boom tv on my xbox wait i have tv on my tv so now i have tv on my xbox that is on my tv.

Ducky2003d ago

Nah man, you can't just show games, you gotta innovate too, and MS is doing just that.

They're stretching the limits to what consoles can do and what consumers can expect from the next-gen.

Consider this: you could order a pizza on the phone, but that pizza is just a mental image. With the xbox, you can see your pizza in full 1080p 60fps as you're ordering it, so you know you're making the right choice.

Captain Qwark 92003d ago

your logic is terrible

"Hello pizza hut app! Yeah something i could do on my phone"

wait, you mean its okay for your phone to do anything else and still make calls but if your xbox does anything besides play games thats not okay????

im perfectly happy with a machine that does many many things and plays games as well. if my wii did more it might have been used more.

and before you talk about the xbox library "lacking exclusives, blah blah blah" and continue whining about that, xbla games ARE GAMES! third party games ARE GAMES! and it still has its handful of established exclusives, limited yes but they are there and when you combine all three, whether you fanboys want to admit it or not, xbox has plenty to play

JANF2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

If you think PS4 wont be focusing on this areas also, you are mistaken.

The dedicated game console era is gone. Consoles now are becoming a entertainment center. Whats wrong with having your game console doing other things, IMO the more features we get the better, this consoles aren't cheap you know.

Arkrite2003d ago

Nice to see your going to watch the unveiling with an open mind!, ps3 and xbox are both excellent multimedia devices that also play games so whats the problem?

harrisk9542003d ago

Actually, what we know is that the PS4 is going to be an excellent game console that also has multimedia capabilities. We shall see what Microsoft offers with the next Xbox. Although, from the RUMORS (and even from this announcement), I wouldn't be surprised if MS will be the multimedia device that also plays games as you described. Personally, I would rather have it the way Sony appears to be doing it with the focus on games at the forefront. Only time will tell and we shall see MS's plans unveiled on May 21st.

nypifisel2003d ago


Exactly, it says something about what's important, even if it's only about mindset. Sony will do those things too, but they want us to know that it's not what's important. Cause let's face it, gamers buy gaming consoles, not movie enthusiast. And sure it is great to be able to watch Netflix on your Xbox or Playstation, but that's just a convenience really.

HiddenMission2003d ago

@Captain Qwark 9

but the question is are you happy if gaming is not the main focus of your gaming console?

the reality is most people have a ton of connected devices in their house already i for one have content shared between my phone, tablet, tv, pc and do i need another device that is another jack of all trades but a master of none.

we mainly buy our consoles for gaming so gaming should be it's main focus. we buy our connected devices for their respective key features aka phone for all, computer for actual work stuff, tablet for mobile entertainment and gaming device for it's...gaming.

so again i put the question forward are you happy that gaming is not the core function of the next xbox?

4lc4pon32003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

@ducky. just what i wanted a 300-400 dollar gaming console to order a pizza.


there would not be a problem if xbo would put more focus into gaming and ips rather then multimedia features. i have x2 65 inch 3d smart tvs with all these features.

what do i need this crap for. I paid for a gaming console which xbox seems to lack the games part just to watch TV? TV is dull these days and netflix is loaded with old crap movies. Other then my massive bluray collection the 360 never even offered a bluray player

Arkrite2003d ago

What we actually know is pretty much nothing until the consoles and games are released, you can say this is better than that because its got better or more ram or whatever but until we actually get our hands on them we wont know, i personally am getting both new consoles as i did with the last gen and a few years in i'll make my own informed decision on actual performance not rumours, i hope both machines do really well competition is good it drives both companies to try and outdo each other, Next gen cant come soon enough for me

Captain Qwark 92003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


you know nothing about the console support from third party devs, first party titles, or even indie devs. you havent the faintest clue how its being supported with games, nobody does.

and on that note, the announcement says "we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment" games is the first thing listed. another quote, "Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games." again, another mention of games.

and yet somehow, you two are claiming its not focused on gaming lol? wtf, did we read something different?

and yes it mentions its other features because it has too, why? because everyone is already well aware that the ps4 is coming and it can do more as well. you wouldnt want to word it so you sound like an inferior product not capable of doing as much as its direct competitor.

i say bring on the games, bring on the extra features, show me what is replacing my 360 which remains my most played console. if they play their cards right, ill buy this too. always online is a def deal breaker though.

and lastly, yes i have many devices that are a jack of all trades but you know what, i still use my 360 and tv for almost all of my netflix and movies, streaming from my computer, etc so yes, this is every bit as important to me as the games and no i didnt get the console just for the games because i like everything else it can do as well

Gamer19822003d ago

I think highlifes point is Sony are concentrating on games first and everything else like TV and entertainment is second. MS are once again proving games are not a priority and are just a third of the consoles priority. When the 360 came out the consoles priority was games and thats why it was so damn popular. In recent years worldwide sales have declined thanks to less games and more apps. Seems the new xbox is going this way to from day 1.

This is worrying and xbox gamers have to realise this and the fact PS4 will have more exclusives than xbox. Then again the only people who dont realise the ps4 will have more exclusives is the xbox fanboys thanks to sonys superior amount of first and second party studios.

If you only want shooters like Halo though and don't care about quality games like Journey and Guacamelee! then Xbox is a no brainier I guess. As the nextbox will be once again a shooter box no doubt.

Captain Qwark 92003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


yes the ps3 has more exclusives in total but saying all the 360 has is shooters is dead wrong.

i can play halo, gears, fable, forza, ( their main titles ), older exclusives such as halo wars, banjo kazooie, lost odessy and alan wake, and since you named journey and guac, xbla has an enormous list of exclusive and great arcade games like minecraft ( i know its on pc but its only on 1 console ) and battleblock theater, also shadow complex, trials, etc. so again i ask, what are you talking about lol??

and tell me again how you know that games are the same priority as the other features? please list out the announced games that has led you to believe this, also list out the dev support that apparently has been confirmed, and last show me all these new confirmed features that are taking priority over gaming???

you speak of xbox fanboys not realizing what the xbox isnt bringing to the table yet you rant about things that you cant even say with any certainty are true or not

UPDATE* one last thing, you call it a shooterbox yet you do realize that ps3 has just as many if not more shooters than 360? socom, mag, resistance, cod, killzone, uncharted, haze, etc..... shooters are just the most popular genre on 360 because its a very social platform. last i checked though, mortal combat, castlevania, tomb raider, rayman legends, sonic, assasins creed, etc..... all those games are playable on 360 too. if yor going to argue about the 360 at least get your facts straight and stop twisting the truth to support your argument

ichimaru2003d ago Show
DOMination-2003d ago

You do realise that the full corporate name of the ps3 (and no doubt ps4) is Sony Playstation 3 computer entertainment system ? Not a games console. You should really be aware of this before you troll brand.

Btw one of the first things sony said at the ps4 reveal was to brag how they have the most popular device for netflix. A tv and films app.

MariaHelFutura2003d ago

Next-gen = 60fps Pizza in 1080p

MaxXAttaxX2002d ago


And the addition of things that can be done on other hardware/software isn't called "innovation".

I have nothing against being able to order pizza from your console, I think it's cool. I just think people need to know what they're saying.

HiddenMission2002d ago

@Captain Qwark 9

Yeah so I do know how it works bro...

Devs and pubs...they make games so a console built for multimedia driven focus with gaming as just one of those features dont really benefit unless it kills in the sales department because it opens up the chance of selling more units.

Putting gaming 1st is a reaction to 2 things 1st is that Sonys conference made a big deal that they are a gaming console first and the 2nd is that everyone in the press has branded it already as a media device first gaming second.

So you didnt get your gaming console for gaming you got it for media...yeah made it clear your not a real gamer. Hell my TV has netflix built in by your logic if you had my TV you wouldnt even need a console...right

Its clear after your 9th account that are here for different reasons than the rest of us real gamers...we buy our media devices for media and our gaming devices for gaming its cool they can do other things but we dont say that we bought our consoles for anything other than gaming

Dms20122002d ago

I want my phone to only be capable of making phone calls, its a phone, not some fangled pocket pc.

Captain Qwark 92002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )


"Devs and pubs...they make games so a console built for multimedia driven focus with gaming as just one of those features dont really benefit unless it kills in the sales department because it opens up the chance of selling more units."

first, the 360 has an incredible software attach rate last i checked and i doubt that has changed much so devs will look at that before they look at what the console is focusing on. if the platform sells games, it sells games. end of the day thats all that matters.

"Putting gaming 1st is a reaction to 2 things 1st is that Sonys conference made a big deal that they are a gaming console first and the 2nd is that everyone in the press has branded it already as a media device first gaming second."

well gaming was the first thing mentioned in the announcement, and the second thing mentioned was how they are going to show off blockbuster games at E3. not once in the announcement did they say they are going to focus on all its multimedia capabilities. the press has already made a big deal about its "always online" too but the reality is, nobody knows including you, so if its making a huge deal about its focus on multimedia, again, nobody knows. your arguing over speculation.

"So you didnt get your gaming console for gaming you got it for media...yeah made it clear your not a real gamer. Hell my TV has netflix built in by your logic if you had my TV you wouldnt even need a console...right"

you dont even know what a real gamer is lol ive been playing games since i was 4, i have every console released since then ( NES and up ), i have all three current gen systems and over 150 games for 360, 25+ for ps3, and about 20 for wii. personally attacking me during an argument just shows that you have no valid counter arguments and have to resort to childish techniques such as that. i bought my console for gaming first and since ive had it, its become an amazing multimedia device and i use it as both often because its easy and convenient.

"Its clear after your 9th account that are here for different reasons than the rest of us real gamers...we buy our media devices for media and our gaming devices for gaming its cool they can do other things but we dont say that we bought our consoles for anything other than gaming"

again with the personal attacks. 1. ive had this account and only this account. its the same name on here as it is on my ps3 and 360 so just stop. 2. im happy for you that you like to have 400 devices because each one is only allowed to serve one function at a time but i will continue using mine for as many things as they can do simply because an all in one machine makes way more sense.

HiddenMission2002d ago

@Captain Qwark 9

So let's itemize this because I think you missed what I'm saying...

1)No one was talking about 360 or PS3

2)Attach rate for 360 is only killer on a handful of IP's...2 exclusives and to multiplats

3)I guess you didn't read it because the 2nd thing listed is yeah

4)Nor did I say they would only focus on only multimedia...I stated that they were clear to emphasize it's TV and other multimedia features.

5)My point is that while both consoles will play games and do multimedia PS4's main focus is Games 1st which is clear by the reveal mention of multimedia features unlike the next XBOX which they made sure to point those features out...reading is fun right.

6)So now you contradict what you actually wrote let's take a look before - "no i didnt get the console just for the games because" and after - "i bought my console for gaming first" so yeah which is it? I think once I called you out you got mighty upset and didn't reread what you put because now you can't take it's out of the bag so to speak :)

7)Don't need 400 devices my Samsung Note is my phone but I read the internet, comics and play games on it as well. My Samsung Note 10.1 is my mobile media device which includes watching movies, reading the internet/comics, playing games and doing work. My TV is well my TV but I can play games on it, read the internet hell even read my yeah they may have a specific function but I use them for other stuff as well.

8)See point 7 because it highlights the whole flaw you have in your logic. We buy our gaming consoles for their gaming abilities and also enjoy their other robust feature sets. With the standing rumors and the way the announcement came out it would appear that MS is spreading it's focus out. That is fine but the thing Sony did great with it's reveal is say hey we have a gaming console built for gamers by gamers. MS is saying yeah we have a console that plays games, tv, movies and other media stuff.

Those are two very different messages being sent to gamers...for the life of me I can't seem to see why don't understand this...well maybe it's in your comments "360 has an incredible software attach rate" or "150 games for 360, 25+ for ps3, and about 20 for wii"...are you biased or bitter that some feel the way they do?

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Blaze9292003d ago

FINALLY. cant wait to put those rumors to rest and finally get it like it is

_-EDMIX-_2003d ago

Lol.... you do understand it was the same sources that out did the blocking of used games, they also leaked this very same date.

so how can we dispute rumors when the same damn sites leak this very same date weeks ago? the very same site also leaked out PlayStation 4 specs in those are confirmed to be true.

the fact that it is May 21st in that everyone knew this weeks ago only reconfirm that those leaks are most likely true how could you doubt that when this date is confirmed? lol remember who told you about this date several times and remember when it was confirmed there's an obvious link that somebody is right and I'm sorry but it doesn't sound like it's going to be a good thing.

malokevi2003d ago

yea... except they are still rumours... and you're being a downer.

Blaze makes a good point, you're a pessimist.

Why even post?

irokster2003d ago


I truly hope they show some quality games and some new IPs for you guys since MS has quite some catching up to do...

darthv722003d ago

is a subjective term, the appeal of the games will differ for each person.

I'm just stoked that they will be making the official reveal and no matter what they show in the form of games, TV and entertainment....I'm buying one regardless.

As a gamer/collector, I usually do that sort of thing.

PS4...check (when it comes out)
xbox 720...check (when it comes out)
All previous consoles released since pong...check

Salooh2003d ago

Hope so. But i doubt it. Even people here are not excited. When sony put that teaser even though no one was sure it was the ps4 everyone was soo excited. Everyone was like ''OMG, Can't wait!!!'' but now i don't see it. Negative toward it :. and it's a normal thing in my point of view because of microsoft history.

I would love to see an exciting game like gears of war ..

Salooh2003d ago

What are we excited for then ?. Tell me, Xbox is not for exclusives because almost all the exclusives are in pc. What we will get ?. Another feature like cross chat that we must pay for it to use it ?.. Or the next generation of kinect games?. Or always online ?. Or making the console a tv and social console ?.

I dont see anything excited about it except for the games they will reveal which most will be multi platform...

I'm not trolling. I'm just expecting this because of ms history and i would be glad to see i'm wrong..

TheTwelve2003d ago

How much you wanna bet Sony actually shows their new console (not just the controller) shortly before or after the 21st of May?

darthv722003d ago

I was getting one anyway when it comes out but to actually see it before E3 is what many would like as well.

Be it to steal thunder from MS or just to show it...just make it happen.

pompombrum2003d ago

Why? If some of these rumours are credible, if I was Sony, I'd just let Microsoft potentially shoot themselves in the foot with my feet up, beer in one hand and popcorn in the other.

TheTwelve2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

@aiBreeze --- Nah, I think Sony is going to operate under the thought that Microsoft will bring their absolute best and only Sony's best will top it. That's the kind of generation and competition I'm looking forward to. --- 12

NukaCola2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I don't want an interference. Sony has sealed the deal and am getting a PS4 day one. Now I want to see what MS has to offer . They will either sell a good product or sink. It's not PS4 vs Xbox, its Xbox vs my wallet, time and attention.

Gamer19822003d ago

IGN have already said Sony are rumoured to also be doing a show in May showing form factor and a few details such as price. The reason for this is so they can leave E3 for all the games.