Currys Cans Canis

The owners of UK electrical retailer Currys, have today confirmed that its stores will not be stocking copies of Rockstar's Canis Canem Edit, commenting that it was "...the explicit link between violence and children that led us [DSG Retail] to the decision on this particular game."

Canis Canem Edit, which takes place during the course of a school year at a particularly rough boarding school in New England, has been subject to negative coverage in the mainstream media since it was first announced in May 2005 - described as a "bullying simulator" by certain media outlets and organisations that had judged the game on limited details of its content.

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Marty83705892d ago

Once they see the title start to sell well elsewhere,I bet they will re-think there stupid decision.This title is a huge PS2 Xmas hit in the making.

nirwanda5892d ago

curry's like everyone else has yet to play the finished game there just jumping on a bandwagon of hype and in a strange way is helping to promote the game.
I would understand a bit more if this was a supermarket like say sainsbury's for instance who have a broad range of customers shopping for food ect. but a company that sells electical products to a slightly more tech savy customer should have waited till the games realese before openly stating they not going to sell it, they still sell GTA games maybe they will lose more then just the people who want to buy this game all the owners of xbox's and ps2's will now view curries in a different light and probably just go next door (useally) and shop at comet.

BlackCountryBob5891d ago

This is nothing to do with the game, its all about advertising because now every time that some TV show or newspaper talks about Bully (and its coming to xmas, Trevor McDonald will do a "how is gaming harming your children") they will mention Currys didnt sell it, its free advertsing and nothing more, they would do it with GTA too but they would lose way to much cash, Bully will not sell anywhere near as many as GTA so its a hit worth taking.