PSA: Guilty Gear Trailer Lied, Title DOESN'T Have Online Play

This is a strange one. Guilty Gear for the Vita came out in the US yesterday, and despite mention on its PlayStation page of online play, as well as reference to it in the original trailer, the game actually relies on Ad Hoc mode to handle its multiplayer. Why the developers put out a trailer implying otherwise, and why Sony are advertising it as online-capable is unclear, but if you were planning to buy based on the idea of playing with people around the world, it might be worth reconsidering your purchase.

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H4all2005d ago

many people buy this..
many complain about online play..
they just apologize..
i just want they do something about online play..

SavageKuma2005d ago

Well that is quite disappointing.

matgrowcott2004d ago

I've been told it doesn't work.

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