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SonyNGP2638d ago

I think he just trolled everyone who thought he was gonna resign.

Smurf12638d ago

It was a company decision though. One thing's for sure, Nintendo needs Iwata to boost American sales which is where they are faltering right now. The Wii U still isn't that attractive to me and I don't think I'll be buying it soon.

2638d ago
DA_SHREDDER2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Hey smurf, I understand that you probably don't care for Nintendo's games, if that's the case then I see why your not (lmao) "attracted" to Nintendo products. But you see you're just part of the same vocal minority that runs rampant on this site. People who criticize the WiiU all freakin day, but have yet to buy one or play one don't even know what the system has to offer.

So ya, if you don't like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, ect,, ect,,,, thats fine. But considering you don't even own one, like you just stated, what makes you think your opinion carries any sincerity or better yet, relevance to anything Nintendo related? Let me guess, its cause your a girl right? Whatever, real gamers don't have biased opinions. You, are not a real gamer

@Skarllet, you say we only get 20 games to look forward to like it's bad thing? $50 bucks a game times 20 is $1000. Im a hardcore gamer and even I wouldn't spend that much on games this year. Troll much?

majiebeast2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Panic mode Nintendo it just makes no sense. Its like if Sony put Ken Kutaragi in charge of SCEA.

Just give Reggienator the CEO position so when you do resign in 12 months, because you missed your forecast Nintendo doesnt have to seek replacements for 2 positions.

lilbroRx2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Will you give it a rest already? You are always one of if not the first person to respond to every article regarding Nintendo, and always with something negative.

Iwata has done a fantastic job. He has made me love Nintendo which I did not in the past. He has pushed the companies to levels of profit and recognition that they have never seen before. He brought in hardware that has repeatedly revolutionized the gaming industry.

Nintendo haters want Iwata to leave because he brings Nintendo success in ways that they don't like. I want him to continue to do so. He is the only thing that keeps me interested in console gaming. If he left I would only game on the PC from their on out because console gaming would be near, if not dead. I already have a powerful PC and I don't need to buy one with Sony or Microsofts name on it, that has 1/10000th of the library to enjoy games.

Iwata is best CEO in the entire game industry right now. This was one of it not the best decision Nintendo could make.

PopRocks3592638d ago

I wouldn't say Iwata's done a perfect job, but I do think it's much better than some would say it's been around here. I do find it ironic how much I've heard "Iwata should be kicked to the curb" and then instead he gets a promotion. Hopefully this will increase communication between the company and its western audience.

Also, ignore majiebeast. He leaves negative comments on negative articles specifically to boost his bubbles. He approved one of the "delusional Wii U will win the generation" articles and was the first to comment on it, getting a ton of bubble ups and agrees unsurprisingly.

abzdine2638d ago

i always thought reggie was CEO of Nintendo America. i'm not sure how this will improve the organisation.

redDevil872638d ago

It can't get worse than Reggie lol.

daclynk2638d ago

Good to hear that and Reggienator is still the COO.Im happy for for the haters.

PirateThom2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Yes, nothing like giving the man who is running the company into the ground and leaving them innovatively bankrupt more power.


redDevil872638d ago

Yes "nintendomination."

Even though the WiiU is crashing and burning according to official Nintendo financial figures released today.

baldulf2638d ago

Didnt the guy said he would resign?

Yi-Long2638d ago

... he also said the WiiU was an amazing piece of hardware which was gonna sell really well.

He says a lot of things, is what I'm saying.

Sharius2638d ago

please, understand......

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