Lone Survivor PS3/Vita to be a Director's Cut, will come to PC

Rely On Horror: Jasper Byrne, creator of indie survival horror hit Lone Survivor, has just announced on Twitter that the upcoming PS3/Vita release of his game will contain a substantial amount of new content. So much so that the game will be titled Lone Survivor: Director's Cut. The console version's content will also be making its way to PC (standalone or as an update is unconfirmed).

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r212634d ago

So many sweet indie games coming to vita and ps3 :D Looking forward to playing this on vita :)

sitharrefus2634d ago

I can not wait for this game to come out to the vita :D

Tetsujin2634d ago

Side scroll version of Silent Hill and Resident Evil

Kingthrash3602634d ago

add another 2013 game for the vita....still counting. seems like a game or two is announced every week for the vita...I can only wonder what e3 brings

thechosenone2634d ago

I've bought maybe over 15 games in the last 2 weeks, every time a new indie game pops up I have to have it. lol

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