Viva Pinata Preview

Unveiled during Spring 2006, Viva Piñata is the third Xbox 360 title to be developed by Rare since the launch of Microsoft's next-gen console at the end of 2005. In a bid to open up the appeal of Xbox 360 beyond the usual demographic, Viva Piñata has also been the subject of a 4Kids TV show, and follows the strange land of Piñata Island from the eyes of a group of Piñata friends.

Very much a North American phenomenon, and originally thought to have been introduced by Spanish colonists to Mexico, Piñatas are now starting to encroach birthday parties on this side of the Atlantic too. Created from papier-mâché and resembling everything from basic shapes through to animals, Piñatas are suspended above the ground and are subject to a thrashing from stick-wielding brats, er...children. And the point of all this? Piñatas are filled with sweets so that when they crack open, the kids can gorge themselves on the candy in a way that would make Jamie Oliver turn in his grave (if he was dead...though that can be arranged). TVG managed to visit Rare's latest world at the recent X06 event in Barcelona, and experience the piñata mating dances first hand...

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zonetrooper55892d ago

I kinda want this game as it looks very good. But many people will say its kiddie, oh well who cares.

PS360PCROCKS5892d ago

This is so cool, I want to get this for my neice and nephew but I will see if their into the cartoon first, only thing is I don't like handing over my Xbox 360 controller to them because I don't feel like they'll understand what to do, maybe I am just worried, I guess six and seven year olds are capable of playing videogames too, any opinions?

THWIP5892d ago

...this game being conceived by 2 guys tripping on shrooms and/or acid. :|

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