Paradox Interactive on the strategy games, design, and why this genre doesn't work on consoles

Digitally Downloaded writes: "From intricate political systems to empire building that makes Civilization look like Angry Birds, this is a studio for genuine fans of strategy games."

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Godmars2902008d ago

Because few who work on them for consoles think they can work on consoles of course. Only did them on PC before.

Xcom proves that they can. The Tactics Ogre series well before that.

MattS2008d ago

Except neither XCom nor Tactics Ogre even come close to the strategic depth of a Paradox title.

You're getting Tactics games mixed up with the Strategy genre. If you have actually played a game like Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis, you would realise how silly it is to compare Tactics Ogre to Paradox games.