The Last of Us wants to evoke feelings of love, loyalty and redemption

"This isn’t another zombie game and we didn’t want to give that impression. Your main antagonist in the game is surviving," explained Eric Monacelli, Naughty Dog's community strategist

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2098d ago
pat_11_52098d ago

So do I. I haven't been this impressed with a game in a very long time.

AkatsukiPain2098d ago

This game will set the bar for survival/action/horror. I just have this feeling that this game will be amazing.

Omar912098d ago

I just have this feeling that you may be right.

zerocrossing2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

This game is getting hyped to the max! seriously in all my 20+ years of gaming I can't think of many games that have even come close to receiving such hype.

Now I hate being "that guy" but all we've really seen so far is what the Dev's and pubs want us to see (the people who are trying to sell us the game) now I'm not going to tell you that The Last of Us doesn't look and sound awesome, but can we really call it so soon? just based of of gameplay trailers and the like? last time we did that we got Aliens: Colonial Marines... So yeah, I've no problem with people being optimistic, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious especially when things seem to good to be true.

ps3vita4life2098d ago

The difference though is that Naughty Dog is developing this game. Just looking at their history, guarantees that The Last of Us will be awesome. Plus, ND is an honest developer unlike Gearbox. When they say their game is awesome, trust me, it's awesome. While there is always chances of a game being "overhyped" I doubt that The Last of Us will be one of those games mostly due to Naughty Dog's portfolio of great games.

zerocrossing2098d ago

That is true, I really can't argue with your reasoning but I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic and not buy too much into the hype.

Even so I hope The Last of Us lives up to your expectations.

Conzul2098d ago

AFAIK, The Last of Us is being made by the same team that made Uncharted 2.
Also, one has only to look at the previous three installments from Naughty Dog.

So, go on being cautiously optimistic, but ND deserves better. Seriously, the odds of their releasing something that is less than they promise are infinitely small.

FTR, UC3 was not overhyped and they did not deliver *less* than they promised. It just so happened that UC2 was better.

Bathyj2098d ago

Actually everyone whos isnt Naughty Dog and has seen, heard or even smelt this game, has verified the quality and justified the optimism.

In fact, I cant think of anyone (who wasnt a ranting fanboy who hasnt touched the game) say anything bad about it yet.

You're wise not to get too excited, the more manageable your expectations the more pleased you'll actually be when you play it, but I have no doubt this game will be something special. Definite GotY contender.

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The story is too old to be commented.