Sit Down, Shut Up, Stop Whining: A Letter to Publishers About Used Games

"Dear publishers,

Sit down, shut up, stop whining.

“But it’s taking money from our pock-“

No, it isn’t. Sit down. Shut up. Stop whining.

“You’re screwing over develop-“

That’s your schtick. SD. SU. SW.

“We won’t be able to afford to make gam-“

Rethink your business model. And while you’re at it, have you considered SD, SU, SW?"

- Mariel Hurd on how publishers try to control the argument on used games, why they are arguing in bad faith, and how destroying used games will badly damage the industry.

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Supermax2008d ago

Until you put up 200 million of your own money to make a game you would not have any idea what developers or publishers go threw.myself I'd be pissed if I made a game for 10 dollars and took a loss because 1 person buys the game at full price then turns it in at GameStop and sells it to someone else for 5 I don't get that 5,I'd be hot.

DragonKnight2008d ago

Name one game that cost $200 million dollars. Explain why developers should get extra profit off one disc for not doing extra work when that doesn't work in ANY other industry?

Roccetarius2008d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic.

EA spent millions on that game, but it failed within 8 months of release.

DragonKnight2008d ago

"Star Wars: The Old Republic."

Citation needed.

Beyond that, we can say the same about any MMO because they are an ongoing process with ongoing costs. Name a game that had a one time fee of $200 million to make.

MikeMyers2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

If it's 20 million or 200 million what difference does it make? You're not the one who has made that investment so you don't get a say. This self entitlement attitude of yours ends after you bought the game. You don't get a say in how used games affects their bottom end.

So now what, you're going to quote me and put citation needed on that too?

maniacmayhem2007d ago

I agree with Dragon.

There hasn't been one clear example or situation where a developer closed shop do to used game sales.

It usually boils down to bad sales, over budgeting or their publisher canceling future projects with that dev, period.

Why is this the only industry that feels the need to still get paid AFTER a product is purchased from retail. People don't realize how well paid a lot of these devs, producers, marketing people are, add on top of that bonuses most of these guys make.

DragonKnight2007d ago

@maniac: Completely agreed. I mean, resale has been a cornerstone of commerce for thousands of years, and NEVER has there been a time until just recently with the gaming industry where anyone thought they should be making more money off of one product purchased from retail. Never. No other industry has the unmitigated gall to try anything like that. And yet, here in this very thread, you can see corporate apologisers agreeing with greed. No wonder we keep getting screwed.

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Simon_Brezhnev2008d ago

Dont give me that movie and music industry have the same problem. Yet gaming industry whines about it the most. Movies cost more money to make than games but they get pirated like no tomorrow.

yugovega2008d ago

difference is movies make extra at the theaters ad dvd sales. music makes extra off concerts and radio play. games only have the sale of the game. perfect business model would be for them to add ads in games. like a coke sign in cod. maybe a walmart ad on the load screen? without those the only money they get is of the sale.

DragonKnight2008d ago

@gammajooki: As it should be. Concerts and DVDs and theatre showings and radio play all involve extra work. They involve extra expenditures for printing, advertisement, air time fees, etc... Why should developers get extra money when they do nothing extra for it?

mydyingparadiselost2008d ago

Games have dlc now to make extra money on.

hazelamy2007d ago

games only have the sale of the game?

no dlc?
no guide books?
no tie in novels and comics?
no movies/tv series?
no merchandise?
clothing/action figures/replicas of in game weapons or items?

no, games have no other revenue streams.

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MoveTheGlow2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

You can just hand someone a book. So, there shouldn't have been authors since the Gutenberg Press, then, right?

When you invest 200 million dollars, you factor in the fact that each gamer has the right to sell his or her property first. Part of your investment. If you don't make a good return on it, that is your fault. You don't just wish away fairness in commerce to even the odds.

So be frugal. Maybe don't mo-cap that horse. Maybe don't try to be yet another "The Next Call of Duty." Maybe don't throw money at ruining a long-standing franchise in the name of DRM. It's not our fault that so many big companies try to make a giant game for a giant audience (which gets more and more tired of the compromises made to make a game appeal to a giant audience) and think that everyone in that audience will buy your game. Try making a well-made, niche-audience game. Be - gasp - creative and take risks, instead of making a movie with a multiplayer shooter attached. Sell your game on word-of-mouth and not millions in advertising dollars.

Don't blame us for playing by fair rules.

JeffKaos2008d ago

But you already got your $10 for the original sale.Why should the person who originally bought it from you give you anything back when he sells it? I mean, how can you get paid twice for selling the same item? Are you selling the game or the renting out the right to play it? If you buy something, anything, and then go and resell it are you obligated to give some of the money you get form it back to the person who made it? If I sell you my Amish made couch do I have to give some cash to the Amish guy who made it?

GhettoBlasStarr2008d ago

So then I have a question for you. If you buy a pizza with the $10 how many slices do you give the person that gave you the $10???

- Riddle me that Caped Crusader -

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MeatAbstract2008d ago

Sit down, shut up, stop whining should just be directed at everyone that ever whines about anything.

Supermax2008d ago

Bf3 spent 100 million on advertising alone if you don't think publishers are losing out then you are mistakin if you don't care there losing then you don't like playing games,this is why game studios are going out of business.

MonkeyNinja2008d ago

Game studios are going out of business because they don't know how to spend their $! If CDProjectRed can make Witcher 2 for PC (piracy galore) and 360, skip over PS3, and still be able to make Witcher 3 for next-gen, then I'd say that other publishers are doing something wrong.

Did EA really spend $100mil on BF3 (wouldn't be surprised)?

Look at Tomb Raider: Great game, good sales, but how much was Squeenix wanting to make back? Look at FF13 budget (not sure what it was, but pretty sure it was high). If you're spending so much on a game that you need to sell COD numbers just to break even, something's wrong.

Look at indie games lately: Indie devs give us what we want, we buy. There's no excuse. It's just a simple matter of publishers not understanding their target audience.

Roccetarius2008d ago

As i mentioned up above, EA's biggest mistake was SWTOR.

kevinsheeks2008d ago

and here i thought it was because they invest massive amounts into the most fancy graphics while giving a backseat to core functions like game play,narrative, and such.

DragonKnight2008d ago

Spending 100 million on advertising is a choice. They don't have to spend that much money on advertising, especially with Internet options available that would save them a ton of money. A choice in how to spend money is not the same as a necessity in how to spend money. No one should be sympathetic to EA for spending that much money on advertising.

MikeMyers2007d ago

Don't tell me or anyone else who should or shouldn't be sympathetic. That's not your call. You have issues with EA, not everyone else does so stop taking polls and trying to force others onto your petitions.

Root2007d ago

So true, EA brings everything on themselfs...who would be sypathetic to them when it's their own fault for most of the backlash that surrounds them


Take a bloody chill pill

Can you ever look at someones comment, think to yourself in your head "I disagree with him but it's his opinion" and just move on.

It's like your having a tantrum most of the time, glad to see your true colours are showing

isarai2008d ago

It really just seems like poor money management to me, i mean with more than half your budget going towards nothing but marketing, also i don't really see how they don't take this into consideration when setting the budget for the game in the first place. Not only that but why is the game industry so damn special, tons of other markets have products that cost even more to produce yet you don't hear half as much whining and moaning about it than game publishers, look at cars, how many people buy new cars as apposed to used cars? and yet i've never heard this being such an issue to the point where you have to pay the dealership/company in order to fully use their car even though you bought it used from the owner.

whamlollypop72008d ago

Your sit down shut up and stop whining policy should be taken by everyone on the earf.

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