5 Snacks Every Gamer Should Have

GamerFitNation's Alfredo Lopez writes "Before any gaming session, you want to make sure of two things, that your batteries are full charged and that you’ve got the right snacks on you. Personally I’ve gone both the healthy and non-healthy routes when it’s come to snacks. I’ve gone for the Doritos bathed in chili sauce and lime, and I’ve gone with the snacks I’m about to recommend. From experience, the healthier snacks are the better option because they are easy to prepare, healthy, not messy and best of all, they are delicious!"

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GodsPerfectK7ng2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

nibs and crown royal black mixed in pepsi :)

Hellsvacancy2098d ago

Wtf, is this article being serious or is it taking the piss?

I dont really eat anything when im gaming, too busy getting high

uuaschbaer2098d ago

"which helps reduce cholesterol"
"help reduce high blood pressure!"
"According to a post by ABC News"
"boost your immune system"
"which helps build strong bones and teeth"
"help provide good brain function"
"boost brain activity"
"keep you hydrated"
"which may likely keep" etc. etc.

*evaluating | bullshit detected | referring*


Tsuru2098d ago

This article is troll. Except for popcorn, these are foods gamers should avoid in my opinion.

Rob Hornecker2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I like carrots and would add celery to the mix. I also enjoy Goldfish crackers ( flavor of your choice ) as a good gaming snak.