Where Did You Go? - Nintendo Wii U's success

We're five months into the Nintendo Wii U launch, but success is nowhere to be found. Why is that? Pixel Enemy's Williams Pelegrin attempts to figure out where the system's success has gone.

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gpturbo812002d ago

i want to print this article out just to wipe my ass with it.

RyuCloudStrife2002d ago ShowReplies(3)
AngelicIceDiamond2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Noticed how the the Wii U is targeted towards a family. All that talk about catering to the core at E3 was all hot air? From what it looks like the Wii U is LARGELY a casual console with core functionality.

I know its just one promotion but this is a pretty clear what Nintendo really wants.

Nintendo's E3 will be VERY interesting now. Regarding which audience they're targeting with their system.

harrisk9542002d ago

the article makes very good points. But, like most who comment on articles on N4G, you most likely did not read it and are just looking at the title.

To summarize the article:

1. Lack of a coherent online infrastructure and the fact that your Nintendo Network ID can only be tied to one Wii U console.

2. Confusing advertising. If you are not reading gaming website or publications (which is true of most people), you look at the ads and it is very convoluted. Is the WiiU just a gamepad accessory? Is it a new console? The author cites an ad: “When you have the GamePad, it’s easier.” Why? Why is it easier? Parents buying the WiiU for their kids would have no idea what this even means.

3. Lack of games and no real "system sellers" yet, 5 months into the life of the system. (And to add my own point to this, there is very little third-party support and what there is is shrinking.)

4. He argues that $300 is too expensive for a system that only has 8GB of internal storage, although he writes that he understands the GamePad is not cheap to manufacture, but he wishes that Nintendo had a $350 that came with a 120GB hard drive. 8 GB is just too small if you want to have any sort of online game store like Sony and MS.

He concludes that he is not predicting the end of the WiiU (like many other articles have), and that he thinks that the Wii U is a great system with an incredible amount of potential stored in the system.

All VALID points and in no way bashing Nintendo or the WiiU.

gpturbo812001d ago

i always read then comment. do you assume then question like a dirty piggy? his points dont mean anything to me. i have this, i know what it can do. these articles in general are more than redundant,lazy, annoying. toilet paper.

harrisk9542001d ago

Dude... you are one angry individual.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2002d ago

This guy missed the worst thing about Nintendo.

Nintendo is going out and kidnapping Families off the street and Forcing them to play WiiU! :O


I guess their is a valid point to be made with most of the things written. The advertisement is close to what WiiU always needed (except I think they should focus on the features too).

As far as the games go-
E3 should reveal


Kind of Joking with all or nothing.
IMO Zelda, and SMT X Fire Emblem, RETRO, and Monolith Soft is a plenty of "ALL".

But I am sure others want more.


LOL_WUT2002d ago

"Family compensated for participation" ;)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Yeah, Compensated with their lives.

"Gansta' Reggie wants you to say good things about the console, Gasta' Reggie would hate for anything to happen to such a fine family." ;)


I love Nintendo and I want a WiiU (see above comment) I just could imagine a Mean Nintendo (under Iwata).

Williaint2002d ago

I could imagine Reggie behind the scenes, fully dressed in a Tingle Suit, threatening them to "Say something nice, or I'll kick your ass"...

PS4isKing_822002d ago

I love my wiiu. Just can't wait for the new smash bros., 3d Mario, Mario party u, Mario kart, and hopefully new wave race, pilot wings and donkey kong installments soon too. My ps4 will take care of my 3rd party needs, but my wiiu can only give me Nintendo games.

2002d ago
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