Playstation Gamer Deals (Bargain Bin)

Gaming these days can be a pretty costly hobby to have. There are always those games you want. There are always those games you missed. And then there are always those games you couldn't purchase at the time due to any number of circumstances.

We've searched around for some deals on some old/ semi-new games for you all. Some of these games are great bargains.

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ApolloTheBoss2099d ago

Would love to grab Dragon's Dogma but I'd rather have the physical copy.

lodossrage2099d ago

The one in the link IS the physical copy lol.

But in a way, with Dark Arisen coming, this MIGHT go down even less (I'm assuming)

ApolloTheBoss2099d ago

Oh. I thought was from PSN. That pic will confuse some people lol. I was planning on getting dark arisen anyway so I'll just wait for that.

Relientk772099d ago

Oh geez Amazon really has me tempted with Max Payne 3 for $16

TrailerParkSupervisr2099d ago

Not a bad game, actually. Not as good as the original but for 16 bucks bro, I'd pick it up.

GuruStarr782098d ago

I think it's even cheaper on Gamefly (albeit used) and you still get all the retail inserts (online pass) as if it were new...

Monkeysmarts2098d ago

Dishonored and Far Cry 3 are $30 on Amazon. XCOM Enemy Unknown $25. Tomb Raider $40. Bioshock Infinite $50.