Here’s the official North American Wii U VC launch lineup

Eight games in total will be made available at launch. Six are from the NES catalog while two, F-Zero and Super Mario World, are from the SNES library.

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majiebeast2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

This is embarassing a total of 8 title's, but hey atleast its something, i guess. This makes the Vita PS1 line up look amazing in comparision.

Step up your game Nintendo where is the unified account system that everybody else has?

Neonridr2006d ago

this is just the start, finally I don't have to go into Wii mode to play these games. I just have to see if I just have to pay $1 to upgrade my Super Mario World copy from a Wii VC version to a Wii U VC version.

darthv722005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

if my existing VC games could be patched to play on the gamepad.

FZero and Punch out I purchased for $.30 already and those play good on the gamepad.

Now if Nintendo can patch Sin & Punishment, Fatal Fury, Bonk 3, Mario Bro 3 and hopefully some wiiware games as well.

With nintendo shutting down some of the wii online features it is probably safe to assume that eventually all wii VC games and wiiware games will make the transition to the wii-u eshop.

I like being able to play Fzero and punchout away from the TV and hope all other VC games offer the same.

kirbyu2006d ago

I don't get why you're so disappointed about it only being 8 games. What disappoints me is the lack of Earthbound.

brewin2006d ago

If it was 8 new games to the Wii U VC then it wouldnt be such a big deal. But calling the already released VC games launch games is stupid. There should have been more. Is emulation to the gamepad really that hard? and why no N64 games yet? I want Zelda and Mario kart 64 on my gamepad.

jcnba282006d ago

You actually expected Nintendo to release their entire library on day 1? lmao

Neko_Mega2006d ago

Yes, seeing how it shouldn't be that hard to do.

I got Mario Kart 64 for free but only can play it in the Wii app on the Wii U -_- lame if you ask me. They should have had the Wii U build to do this stuff with out have to go through a app to do it.

majiebeast2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Sony did it with the Vita atleast here in Europe and at no extra costs unlike wiiU. 3DS VC isnt much better i think its at a dissapointing 20 games? There is no reason why Nintendo couldnt have launched with a 20-30 game lineup atleast.


Nobody is complaining about old games being released. They are complaining about the weak line up thats available at launch, learn to read.

WiiUsauce2006d ago

@Neko and makiebeast, you guys have to also take into account that if they put out all games at once, they would also have to make miiverse apps for every single one of them as well.

Also it's a business decision for them not to put them up all at once, so that the consumer buys new ones as they're being put up every week. If they put out all the best SNES games and NES games all at once, I'm sure a ton of people would ignore the smaller games that still deserve much attention and appreciation like Punch Out.


Wow 8 old as$ game for a cough next gen sys lmao

TotalSynthesisX2006d ago

Apparently someone doesn't have a clue what the Virtual Console is for.


Cause a real gamer don't play the Wii Udated....go play your lil super mario or any other game with the letter U on the title

animegamingnerd2006d ago

and you have to pay around 6 to 10 dollars for PS1 games on the PS3 and vita

jcnba282006d ago

It's called "Virtual Console", would you like a dictionary?

LOL_WUT2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I'll gladly pick up these titles who cares if they're old?

I wonder if any of these are gonna make it towards the 30cents sale? I know balloon fight is not sure about the rest... ;)

WiiUsauce2006d ago

each game in the 30 year anniversary sale is only on sale for a short period. Like about a week I think. If you missed out on buying F-Zero, Punch Out, and Balloon fight for 30 cents, I think you missed out on it for good. This week it's Kirby's Dreamland and it's still 30 cents, because I just bought it today. Hurry up before you miss it.

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BeZdaBest2006d ago

when nintendo comes out with old games its gay???

when sony does it, its heaven sent..


whats the fanboyz

WeAreLegion2006d ago

Sony doesn't release just eight of them...

BeZdaBest2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

no one is going to buy all the games so does it matter....or their not going to launch the service with all the best games....another thing.. when the psn store first launched it was it teeming with games?.. how bout ps mobile how many games did that launch with???..

WeAreLegion2006d ago

Yes, the PSN store was teeming with games. I bought many PSN games at launch. ^_^ We were getting more every week.

PS Mobile launched with thirteen games. Those were all NEW games, by the way. Those weren't just games moved over from a different service Sony already had.

WiiUsauce2006d ago

I'm sure when Sony announced PS1 classics, they didn't have their entire library up at once. They're still missing a ton of games I've seen people clamoring for.

CPTN MITCHELL2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Nintendo games are lame and sony"s games are the $h1t......mario is super lame...when someone says nintendo the answer is always mario now when u hear sony u get this the last of us,beyond two soul,god of war and so on.. Sony better than mario

yugovega2005d ago

that's because sony hasn't made anything that stands the test of time. had they paid to keep crash bandicoot exclusive then they may have had their title.

josephayal2006d ago

8 games? I'm in no rush to go out and buy a Wii U

Summons752006d ago

Yes because Sony had it's entire ps1 library they have today up in one day on the ps3...,don't for get about the ps2 collection as well BIGGEST library to date but the ps3 only has a handful of games most terrible and that's been out for a year. Good job bitching hypocrite.

Nobody has patients these days, has smartphones and on demand services really stupified our race this much in the few years they've been popular? Truly sad, I weep for the human race.

WeAreLegion2006d ago

Nintendo has much older systems and much bigger libraries. Eight titles is just ridiculous.

The PS3 only has a handful of games? It's been out for a year?

I don't understand you...

sitharrefus2006d ago

Well im not going to support this till they make these games tied to an account and we are able to download in a different system, (in case my wii u breaks).

WiiUExposed2005d ago

100% agree. It's pathetic that Nintendo can't do this. The emulation is spot-on, but that's the reason why I go retail if there's retail and digital. I'll still pick up a few VC titles down the road, but not now.

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