Pizza Hut Marries Microsoft

CheatCC says: "Pizza and video games might be the most quintessentially American combination since baseball cards and bubble gum. But they've never really been rolled into one convenient package—at least not for Xbox 360 users."

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zerocrossing2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Does this mean the nextbox will have a built in pizza oven?

GalacticEmpire2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Tray and toppings sold seperately.

@below - No good, it would scratch the base to shreds.

zerocrossing2006d ago

To be fare, I think I could have cooked Pizza in my 360 had the tray been big enough.

Soldierone2006d ago

You also need to pay for Pizza Live to order a pizza or restock products online.


xHeavYx2006d ago

Way to evolve, Microsoft

joeyisback2006d ago

it's called rrod oven free with every next xbox

Mottsy2006d ago

This actually has been done before, I remember when EverQuest 2 had a pizza command you could type in and order pizza right from the game.

Ctrl F : pizza

Mounce2006d ago

Maybe it'll be the external battery cord like the fat 360 had one the size of the Ghost Busters trapper.


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MasterCornholio2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Wow what an amazing exclusive from Microsoft.

XBOX it only does pizza.



And for a very low monthly fee they will deliver Pizza to your home something that all other pizza places do without charging extra for it.



Yep exclusive Pizza ads, exclusive mountain due ads, exclusive concerts with Usher at E3.

XBOX gets ton of exclusive stuff LOL.

BTW you know im just kidding right?


"To be fare, I think I could have cooked Pizza in my 360 had the tray been big enough."

And it has a built in feature that will slice any disk shaped objects if you tilt it the right way. ROFL

brettyd2006d ago

Yea, who said XBOX doesn't get exclusives?

GalacticEmpire2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

It's only timed exclusivity because it gets cold and/or mouldy after a while.

oof462006d ago

I thought Mountain Dew and videogames were the quintessential combination?

zerocrossing2006d ago

The Mountain Dew is for washing the Pizza down of course.

Well, you gotta hand it to MS, they know their consumer base.

Rivitur2005d ago

I was under the impression it was Hot Pockets and gaming.

oof462005d ago

Hot Pockets lead to runny stomachs, which means less time gaming and more time on the, no.

Drekken2006d ago

Fast food pizza for the fast food console.

oof462006d ago

So, is there a gourmet console?

wenaldy2006d ago

PS4, foreman grill style.

Rivitur2005d ago

Well the PS3 was already a grill so why not

abzdine2006d ago

i'd like an app on the PSN where it's possible to order a pizza from the menu.
i always thought about that with a discount for PS+ members! Killer app i'm telling ya!

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The story is too old to be commented.