Pre-Order Bonus for 'Madden NFL 25' Suggests an Owner Mode

Two weeks ago the first pre-order bonus was spotted for 'Madden NFL 25'. At the time it made sense to assume it related just to Ultimate Team, with the possibility it could also impact Connected Careers (now known as Connected Franchise). It appears as though the bonuses from various retailers will apply to both modes now that GameStop has released info on theirs.

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LeCoqKabab2098d ago

Nobody plays madden anymore cause it's the same old game every year with roster updates. Plus the online is full of gliches, played with my buddy madden 11 and pure lag when kicking, fumbles, impossible int's for both of us. Game is complete crap just like everything EA.

Apollosupreme2098d ago

Well after the patch I really enjoyed Madden on Vita and I'd love to see it again this year.