Eye of the Beholder: Special Force 2 and Propaganda Gaming

A staccato of gunfire sounds across a shelled and broken neighborhood in an Arab city. The player, a soldier, runs and takes cover behind an outcrop of crumbling wall. After tossing a grenade into a crowd of nearby enemy fighters, he stoops to ready his rocket launcher and aim it at a tank lurking in a nearby alley. The tank explodes, leaving the player free to press forward through the crumbling city, dispatching enemy patrols, snipers, and even helicopters on his way to the objective.

Is this a snippet from the new Battlefield 4 trailer? Or perhaps a scene from one of the Modern Warfare series? Nope – it’s Special Force 2, a first person shooter designed by the armed quasi-governmental religious group Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the player is an Arab mujahid locked in an all-out war with Israel.

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