Chris Roberts: I can be more profitable than AAA games on a fifth of sales

The veteran developer talks about Star Citizen's development process, the problems with big publishers and whether the PS4 may see his game.

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Godmars2904110d ago

Dude, you're talking about making money from the game after you've sold the game. of course you're going to make more than someone whose just selling a game.

Not that anyone simply sells a game anymore.

NYC_Gamer4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

I been hyped about Star Citizen since the project concepts were first being pitched

user76939584110d ago

this game has a unique feeling into it..
I will like to see how deep the campaign is and if is thrilling or no..

and need to see more gameplay! but it looks interesting.

Conzul4109d ago

judging by Wing Commander and Freelancer, it'll be a helluva ride. The MP will probably sine as well.

DwightOwen4109d ago

"Unlike with a publisher, you can't pull the wool over their eyes because it's the real people who are going to be playing it," Roberts noted. "If you're a publisher you can visit me and I can show you the milestone, but you have no idea if behind the scenes I've got it jury-rigged or whatever. Whereas with the real community, there's no way."

THIS is the main reason why I'm so pumped for this game. Not only do I have the privilege, as a backer (Vice Admiral, bitches), of seeing the REAL-TIME progress being made on the game, I also get to voice my suggestions and concerns DIRECTLY to the developers themselves, without any of the typical middleman "suits".

Register and pledge today!


Twilightx74109d ago

$500+? You're quite enthusiastic.

DwightOwen4109d ago

If you're NOT enthusiastic for this game, you simply aren't paying attention.

Twilightx74108d ago

Whoa man, I totally gave you an Agree, I just don't have $500 to plop down on a single game these days =P.

FaSCoRP4109d ago

I'm gonna try this, loved the Wing Commander series!!!


Squadron 42 & Roadmap Update

With the big push to release 4.0 and Squadron 42 reaching its Feature Complete milestone, our resources have had to shift around as new needs arise at an increased frequency than in the past. This created a significant challenge in maintaining the Progress Tracker. The team is working to push Squadron 42 toward the finish line while balancing this with ensuring Star Citizen receives new features, content, and updates. At this stage of development, especially with such a big focus on Squadron 42 polish, developers or even entire teams may need to shift focus quickly when necessary work presents itself. This dynamic approach is different from our usual internal flow and has required a bit more flexibility and nimble nature

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SimpleSlave5d ago

This just an update about a Roadmap Update that's not ready yet, but soon.

Classic Star Citizen!

Jingsing5d ago

The actors who starred in this will probably never see their own work. Something to think about.

PrinceOfAnger4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

They already did see more than us because they worked very close with studio on the game and on every scene etc.. and they have seen the last Gameplay footage and other Trailers.
most actors don't even watch their own movies
others don't even play the games they were in
there are more than
20 actors who have admitted to not watching their own movies

Dakota Johnson. Joaquin Phoenix...Javier Bardem. ..Johnny Depp... Helena Bonham Carter.. Maggie Smith. .Megan Fox. Reese Witherspoon...

AsimLionheart4d ago

What are you going on about? You missed the whole point of his comment. Jingsing meant that the actors will probably never see their work released commercially in a finished and completed form. The game is in perpetual development and the developers have no intention of finishing it as long as they keep getting money from people. Mark Hamill will most likely be dead before this game is finished and released commercially.

rlow15d ago

Roadmap to sucking more money out of you…..parasites

Eonjay5d ago

That would be Microsoft. This is just an isolated scam.

PrinceOfAnger5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

So many angry people in the comments LoL! 🤣
acting like they paid anything for the game smh.

StarcrossedBits5d ago

You don't have to be scammed personally to recognize and be annoyed at a scammer. I've never been scammed by a Nigerian Prince but the people who run that scam still suck.

MrBaskerville4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Didn't see the last big gameplay reveal of Squadron 42? Looks awesome and since it's feature complete a release late 2025 doesn't seem too unrealistic.

If this hadn't been revealed prematurely, people would have lost their minds.

staticall4d ago

People are angry because this "game" was promised to be released 10 years ago at least (almost 12 if you're counting original Kickstarter promises), in 2014, it's 2024 right now and it's nowhere in sight. And this "roadmap" update just says «we don’t have a Release View update today». They can't even update their own progress tracker («This created a significant challenge in maintaining the Progress Tracker»), promising to do this at least from november 2023. And now they're thinking about starting anew and archiving the old progress tracker (post #7038930 by JakeAcappella-CIG).

I don't know how about you, but to me this screams mismanagement and misallocation of resources, deadlines aren't being met and no one takes any responsibility for it. I would gladly pay for the offline singleplayer game, yet it's a joke at this point, they keep saying "It's almost feature complete, we're polishing" for 7+ months at least.

For G-d's sake, see the reactions and read through the comments in the source link, people are getting annoyed and fed up. And they have paid money for this.

MrBaskerville4d ago

Tbf, it is also an absurdly ambitious project. Star Citizen in itself is absurd. But what they are doing with Squadron also seems to be a lot more than what you would get in a regular AAA game. You have fully realized space flight and fps combat in the same game.

Could potentially be super janky and bad in a myriad of ways, but I fail to see how the scope of what they have shown us isn't impressive. I used to be sceptical, but I also really want to play something like Squadron and I think what they have shown us looks pretty fantastic.


AsimLionheart4d ago

First, you submit this article and then you complain about people hating on it. What did you expect considering the game was supposed to release 10 years ago and keeps leeching hundreds of millions of dollars from people but is nowhere close to being finished?

MrBaskerville4d ago

But Squadron is pretty close to being finished? Star Citizen isn't, but atleast it's very much playable and available to fuck around in.

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LG_Fox_Brazil57d ago

3 more years and we'll probably see it reach the billion mark. Question is, will it be fully released by then?