Is EA Really the Worst Company Out There? Really?!?!

John Meadows from goozernation writes "EA was voted the worst company out there. I always love reading stories like this. How do people hate "insert company here," yet they keep throwing money at them? I think EA is the Walmart of the video game industry. Most people don't like them, but they keep giving them their money anyway."

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christheredhead2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

EA is not the worst company in America. Not even close. Anyone who truly belives they are is absolutely dillusional. For the most part, it was nothing more than an angry mob of keyboard warriors trying to stick to EA in a "yah, that will show them" sort of rally.

There are some truly terrible companies out there that destroy peoples lives on a daily basis in the name of profit. On the other hand, EA makes video games and milks them for all they're worth. No comparison really.

Zuperman2003d ago

EA Games are okay as of right now in my book.

insomnium22003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Yeah it's quite optional if you want to buy their games or not. They are not forcing you to buy anything.

For example if they market DS3 for the core gamers and had an embargo for reviews in place and once the pre-orders arrived to the millions of core gamers they find out the game is all about growing crops and farming.....with a tuff looking helmet/armor on......yeah that would be nasty. Stuff like that make you a bad company. Lying to consumers and going back on your word (they said in their marketting speaches that "no this game is not about farming it's about killing aliens and stuff. We hate farming and would never make a farming game").

I think Gearbox was bad for lying to consumers about the Alien game. That's agood example too.

papashango2002d ago

EA is not the worst company out there but the bad press puts a lot of pressure on them to change their policies.

Meaning in the end it only benefits the gamers. I hope they get this award every year.

PopRocks3592003d ago

In the game industry, sure. Of all corporations in the world or even just the country, not even close.

solidjun52003d ago

"In the game industry, sure..." I'll go with Capcom as the worst company in that regard.

As for the rest of your comment, I agree 100%. They are far worse companies in this world (JP Morgan and Chase, etc....).

admiralvic2003d ago

If anyone deserves that title, it's Gearbox...

EA and Capcom might do some wrong, but I can't think of anything they've done to rival Aliens in terms of wrong.

strigoi8142003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

In terms of money grabbing yah EA

DragonKnight2003d ago

Everyone who asks this question fails at comprehension. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the poll was all about. All it takes is some reading and comprehension.

The Consumerist is first and foremost a site for consumers to complain about various interactions with different companies. Their poll is designed for people to vote on who they feel treats their customers the worst based on consumer relations and how service calls were handled, etc...

The Bank of America not being voted as the worst company in America is the direct result of A)People trying to skew the results to stick it to EA, and B)The very real fact that the poll is about customer service and experiences in dealing with people from the company. A Bank foreclosing your house illegally should automatically make them a worse company than a video game publisher, but at the same time how likely is it that a person without a home will have access to the Internet to vote said Bank as the worst company?

As I and many others have said before; EA doesn't DESERVE the title "Worst Company in America," but it certainly has done it's fair share of anti-consumer practices to EARN the title.

admiralvic2003d ago

Don't forget about how vocal some gamers can be. This was most likely posted on several forums / various outlets, with someone telling people to make sure EA won for all the "bad" they do. Needless to say, any company could win worst if enough people spread the word about said poll.

DragonKnight2003d ago

Well yeah, that's why I mentioned "A)People trying to skew the results to stick it to EA."

But the point of the poll isn't "general evil" the way all these people seem to think it is. This poll is about people who have done things like call EA customer support and were treated poorly or outright ignored for example. EA is certainly not the worst company in America just because of microtransactions or DRM. Bank of America is a far worse corporation. But EA did EARN the title with their anti-consumer practices and poor customer service, as well as their smug arrogance and complete dismissal of gamers opinions in favour of casual dollars.

BitbyDeath2003d ago

They may not be the worst but they are still a pretty horrible company overall. Hopefully EA or even it's shareholders take note and start making changes so they don't appear for a third time in a row.

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