Raymond: 'Complexity' holds back Splinter Cell popularity, "really is a thinking game"

Jade Raymond of Ubisoft Montreal explains that Splinter Cell's stealthy ways make it a more 'complex' game than most others, which has led to its popularity suffering - demands we think a lot before we act.

While Conviction was a lot more action-orientated, it still required you to plan out your approach. Other titles with stealth elements 'forgiven a lot more' than Splinter Cell.

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NYC_Gamer2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

This is just another excuse to down dumb the franchise even more

Donnieboi2005d ago

Wow I always thought Ms. Raymond was smarter than to say something this dumb.

isarai2005d ago

I'm sorry what?! the whole reason people starting bitching and the reason it became less popular than it used to be is because the series has been severely dumbed down FROM a thinking mans game to more of an action TPS

nukeitall2005d ago

I wonder what the sales will do now that they are back to basics.

TheKayle12005d ago Show
DevilishSix2005d ago

I don't care about this franchise without Ironsides voice. He is Sam Fischer. Boycott this game, I would rather they end any series then throw new voices which are not identified to the main character. Same with Masterchief, Kratos, etc. end series and start a new game in the same universe.

darren_poolies2005d ago

You want them to end the entire series and reboot it or whatever because one voice actor left? You're delusional my friend.

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