PS3 E-Titles, Screenshots Leaked

Some wily NeoGAF forumers somehow managed to get their hands on screenshots and info of games coming to the PS3's online service, inadvertently leaked before they were set to be revealed at the San Francisco Press Day on Thursday. The games include:

• Blast Factor
• Flow
• Go! Sudoku
• Lemmings 2
• Swizzleblocks

Blast Factor, Flow and Lemmings 2 look particularly snazzy.

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Groom4975d ago

That looks pretty cool.
Can't wait to play lemmings again :)

Soduko? Well.. The wife will probably love it ;)

THWIP4975d ago

They've already ripped off Geometry Wars and Mutant Storm Reloaded.

Karibu4975d ago

MS riped sony with forza omg omg,
and mgs with spliter cell omg omg.

Sure, geometry wars is fisrt of it's like.
The very first one, never the're been similar game. Right?

FFS, MS brainwashing works.

DJ4975d ago

Why can't these 360 guys just stop the whole "Sony steals everything from Microsoft" accusations. And what the hell is Mutant Storm?

These games look cool, and if you've ever played Flow you know that it's addictive and gorgeous in a...sci-fi creepy way. I'm glad they're putting in original games built for the system instead of relying on old Atari games like Xbox Live.

THWIP4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

...for making a comment about something you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about. If you don't even know what Mutant Storm Reloaded IS, you have no right/reason to question whether Sony ripped it off or not. And Blast Factor is a BLATANT ripoff of Geometry Wars.
And, BTW, XBLA is not "old Atari games". Again, STFU, if you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Shadow Flare4975d ago

doesnt it worry you that xbox live is the most successful thing about the 360 and that Live Arcade is the most the successful thing about xbox live? Because im really kicking myself right now for not paying $450 to play pacman in HD

but you know what, you obviously seem to know more about it then me einstein so to hell with it... im gonna break the bank, get a 360, play mutant storm reloaded in HD and have the best freakin time of my life

....nah id rather play b3yond

CAPS LOCK4975d ago

the have alot of capcom and midway games like street fighter and mortal kombat.

THWIP4975d ago
Take a look at that list, and tell me again it's just "old Capcom and Midway games".

DJ4975d ago

Why the hell is Doom, a 13-year-old game, worth twice as much as Geometry Wars? I never understood the point system. I wish they would just revert to dollars and quarters.

THWIP4975d ago

They're the greedy bastards that own the rights to it, and will profit the most from it.

bloop4974d ago

yeah, I agree, the points system is a total pain in the arse, you never know what the hell you're paying. MS obviously havent heard of a currency converter :/ Anyway, I hope the PS3 doesnt use a similar system.

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