No new Xbox until 2014?

Could Microsoft's next console only see retail release in 2014?

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GavinMannion2009d ago

If they miss this holiday season I can't see them staying competitive in the next generation

iGAM3R-VIII2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

"She said that their MS retail rep told them that the next XBOX isn’t expected until Fall of 2014"

That could for sure help the PS4 in sales and put the 720 behind in sales. IMO fall 2014 is a far late release and this could push Sony in sales. The clerk does seem like a legit source but I still doubt MS would do this. Nevertheless, either way this would hurt MS and help Sony.

You should also add that this was a GameStop employee that stated this so it does make it credible.

stiggs2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

"The clerk does seem like a legit source "

Yeah, retail sales associates are typically reliable sources of information in regard to the undisclosed business stratagem of major corporations. /s

"this was a GameStop employee that stated this so it does make it credible."

iGAMM3R-VIII, that was a good one. For a minute there I though that you were serious.

sengoku2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

this whole story seems made up to me.
that it comes from a store clerk is just a added bonus

Crazyglues2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


Oh man that was a good one indeed, I almost fell out my chair laughing...

"this was a GameStop employee that stated this so it does make it credible."

A GameStop employee as credible... LMAO.. now that's funny...

If I had a quarter for the amount of times GameStop has lied to me I would be rich...

(Here is just some of the things I can remember GameStop lying to me about on different times)

GameStop - "nah sir, that's the best price you can get for that game, we pretty much give the best price for used games we buy"

Me- "Really, ya' Right"

GameStop - "The PS3 is actually a weaker system that's why all the games are coming to Xbox first"

Me- "Really, is that what Microsoft told you"

GameStop - "It's better to pre-order it so you can lock in that game because once we run out, it could be a long time before we get that back in"

Me- "Oh is this your first day here, or do you normally just say silly stuff like that all the time"

GameStop - "It's not the Xbox 360 that's bad, or have an over heating problem, it's just that consumers don't know how to use it properly, those people kept it in a really hot room with boxes on it, and a towel, so of course it's going to over heat"

Me - "Really you don't say, dumb consumers huh" -and that was the Last time I ever went to GameStop I was pretty much done after that..

SO when you say GameStop employee as a source, forgive me for laughing so hard my side is hurting, because my 2 year old niece has better inside information on the next Xbox..

(because she just learned how to bring up news on her iPad) ...LoL

So let me know if you want me to ask her when is the next Xbox coming out?

||.........___||............ ||

dcbronco2009d ago

The source for iGam3r-VIII's comment disagrees with the credibility of itself.

Why o why2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


Store clerks from larger chains rarely know their sh÷÷. Its usually the fast dying, smaller shops' clerks who are more knowledgeably and objective.....Another article for my 'wait and see' folder..

bangshi2008d ago

They're busy regressing all those always-online check-ins.

That-Guy2008d ago

They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

Rainstorm812008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Gamestop.....reliable source.....HA.

I was in Gamestop this past weekend and had to school them on when they may start preordering the PS4....i asked if they knew when and he said "well Sony released some info about it, you can sign up for the first to know list and when we get more info we will email you"

i replied well it surely will be in June around E3

he said " well its going to release in the winter like every other console"

Point being these guys are clueless until their manager tells them what to say, countless times ive gone into gamestop and asked for a PS3 exclusive, only to be asked "On which system"

+bubs Crazy i get the exact experience at GS

OT: If Sony launches in 13 andMS in 14 then MS will struggle next gen....With all of the media favoritism. retail support (gamestop), 1 year 8mil headstart and PS3 600$ price point on the 360's side, its still got walked down by the PS3.

jadenkorri2008d ago

they haven't even announced the actual name, how is someone gonna have the release date... cmon be realistic, let alone MS knows they need to be first, if they release months after the ps4, they'll be trailing the whole way and that will hurt them badly in the end.

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iGAM3R-VIII2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

oops double post

andibandit2009d ago

The author read a post by a forum member on gamespot, who said a female clerk at an unnamed store, said that her local MS Rep said that.....


fermcr2009d ago

If this happens (Xbox launch in 2014) and if the rumors are true about always online and no used games, Microsoft's gaming division is going to be in trouble in the foreseeable future... unless the have something up their sleeve that tips the balance.

For now it's just rumors... if... if ...if...

Knight_Crawler2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

No way in hell MS misses on all that Xmas holiday its the season where XBox sells the most.

I can bet my one bubble that MS will reveal the 720 at E3 and at the end of the presentation they will say "And its now avaviable for $399.99"

Scenarist2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

i died laughing when reading " I can bet my one bubble " and then looking at your one bubble (used)

edit : ok im not dead but i came close

fermcr2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


Bubble up for you!

... "I can bet my one bubble" :-)

Let's see if you reach 2 bubbles, then you can take higher bets.

Mottsy2008d ago

HAAHA +Bubble for you sir!

M-M2008d ago

Knight_Crawler has trolled so much that I don't even think it's possible for him to get away from his one bubble.

AO1JMM2008d ago

I'll bet my 2 bubbles you are probably correct Knight_Crawler LOL.

Qrphe2008d ago

Let us donate bubbles for a good cause

Bubble up

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JeffKaos2009d ago

This is assuming that the next generations hardware is going to fly off the shelves at launch like it did this gen. With a sluggish economy, a more than likely higher price point and the fact that there's still a lot of life left in this generations consoles. I really don't think we're going to see the same kind of sales numbers next gen that we did this gen, especially with so many alternatives available like mobile gaming, Steam Box and even stuff like th Ouya. While there will certianly be some early adopters and hard core gamers will probably jump on the first console on the shelves but these are people who would probably buy both systems any way. The biggest factor will be price.

AngelicIceDiamond2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

"If they miss this holiday season I can't see them staying competitive in the next generation."

Umm PS3, And look how that turned out. The PS3 looks damn good to me for a console that released a year later than the Xbox.

As far as the rumor goes: I call total BS a no name GS employee that has ABSOLUTELY no inside info on the new Xbox nor its games line up. He just assumes no Gears or Halo no Xbox until its ready. Riiiiight, sounds like a statement that N4G would come up with. Again total BS, shooting down this so called rumor.

@Conzul yeah what you just said made absolutely no sense, but ok. Last I checked the PS3's line up wasn't all that appealing. Half the games they announced at E3 were suppose to be launch titles. They either released a year later, or never got released at all or went multiplat.

How is what you just said have any relation with the 720?

Conzul2008d ago

Yes, but in Playstation's defense, they actually release games.

_-EDMIX-_2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

agreed the difference between Microsoft and Sony is at Sonyhas t the PlayStation brand. and please don't make it sound like as if those sales were always going to happen, Sony essentially abandon all third party exclusives to build a first party purchased multiple studios to release first party IP's it went on an onslaught of new releases in fact till this day Sony is still releasing PlayStation 3 games and still have a few unreleased yet.

if you're curious what Microsoft is going to do take a look at what there doing this generation in this year where is Microsoft new IP's on 360? Microsoft does not have the same number studios to pull out such a result. take into consideration those newly bought studios are Kinect studios.

Microsoft can't afford a year behind the PlayStation, launching ahead of PlayStation in Nintendo couldn't secure Microsoft this generation, not sure how they win selling day one with the PlayStation 4 or selling a year later. mind you you need to take into account they no longer own a lot of those megaton studios they did the beginning of last generation also take into account Kinect is there new bread and butter. for many reasons it's quite obvious PlayStation 4 will dominate next generation, just as they are currently doing with this generation and rightly so Sony won this generation by releasing a lot of games they win next gen easy with that same attitude and same vigor.

let that be a lesson to Microsoft and Nintendo the way you win your generation is not by gimmicks its by releasing a lot of first party games period. add Nintendo released a lot of first party games fully catering to the motion market you wouldnt see the Wii U tanking so hard, those casual motion experiences were not brought by Nintendo they were brought by Ubisoft Capcom EA and other third-party publishers who truly took advantage of the system so when thoses third parties made Kinect games and iPad games the crowd followed why wouldnt they? There is no Nintendo IP that took advantage of it therefore there's no reason to buy a Nintendo system to serve with such an experience any longer, Nintendo wanted to use third-party as suppose to making there own games and because now none of those are necessarily tied to Nintendo as the publisher those people who had those experiences continue to look elsewhere. it's one thing to capture an audience it's another thing to secure in keep them.

thinks for building up the casual market........for iPad for Kinect for move etc. look at it this way I guess Nintendo should have been the one making games like Zack and wiki instead of leaving it to third-party Publishers. at least in Microsoft defense they made more Kinect exclusive focused games then Nintendo has on the wii. despite me not caring for Kinect if you were to have a great Kinect experience. It's likely it's from a Microsoft Published game, its cause it's easy for you to want 720 because it's the only place to find that exact game.

games like EAFIT or No More Heros can be found everywhere a motion device is found....just saying.

kamakaz3md2008d ago

just like how the ps3 had a later release but they still did decent in sales. Xbox just stayed on top tho, because it came out first.

JeffKaos2008d ago

I think Xbox moved so many units because they had a pretty varied price strategy. They offered their consoles from anywhere between $200 and $400+ and recently lowered their prices even more. Sony had less variety and took a while to reach the $200 price point, which is the magic number for consoles. You're definately right when you say Microsoft had an advantage due to an earlier release but I think they were able to remain at the top of the sales because they had lower prices.

camel_toad2008d ago

Yeh I was thinking it could be a death sentence - but I'm sure they know it. Unless they are just really really behind I don't see them missing 2013.

AKR2008d ago

Not entirely. The PS3 and Wii released over a year after the XBOX 360. The Wii completely overshot both the 360 and PS3, while the PS3 sold steadily along with the 360.

So, even IF Microsoft does release their new system next year, that doesn't knock them out of the ring entirely. It gives Sony (and even Nintendo) more spotlight by themselves, but that doesn't kill the XBOX 720's chances.

iNFAMOUZ12008d ago

are you kidding me? that's the stupi*est thing i've read in my whole life time, staying in the competition??? lmao!!! son they are first in the competition, they paved the way for the next gen and online, they aren't going anywhere, they can get a one or two year late start and still come out first like they did this gen, lmao, you fanboys are dellusional seriously like whoa damn lmao!!!

indysurfn2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I don't think he is stupid. But I do agree that Microsoft will stay competitive (baring them requiring always-ONLINE, and or, blocking used games). That being said, SNES released way after Genesis, and won. PS1 released after Sega Saturn, and won. PS2 released way after Dreamcast, and won. And like ExtremeAzure said Wii(1) released about two weeks (in USA) of PS3 and a year after xbox360 and smashed them both put together. One thing Sony had on Microsoft which Microsoft's excutives kept complaining about is they where fighting a ghost. They had their machine out, Sony was hyping the PS3 as a machine that was so far ahead of xbox360 that it's worse looking games would look better than the 360'x games. And would be 1080p games. People where excited about hype that Microsoft could not find. My point is. Microsoft from year ONE of PS3 finally getting on the market said they would NOT BE BEAT TO MARKET BY SONY. This brings up two outside the lines possibilities. ONE...Microsoft will launch this summer. TWO...Microsoft is trying to influence Sony into releasing there machine as is, so they can become the ghost hype machine and use moore's law to get a hardware advantage, and then jump in. Why else would you tell them your plans to release first years ahead of time through public interviews? This would also give them a chance to launch with the holographic tech that has been out there for years, and getting better by leaps and bounds. It would also as one guy pointed out give Microsoft a chance to take that always online requirement out(if it is in).

ps3_pwns2008d ago

Ms doesnt need to be competitive because its not gonna be a hardcore gaming machine its gonna be a tv set top box with halo and just the big name multiplats meaning ps4 is the console to get as well as the wii u as a companion console.

also i knew this was gonna happen its why they werent showing the new xbox and sony made microsoft go back to the drawing board after revealing how good the ps4 was gonna be. ps4 is the console to get and when the new xbox comes out its just gonna be copying the ps4 but not have the games or the huge communnity the ps4 will have.

ma1asiah2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I disagree for the simply reason is times have changed and what was once important is not completely so this time. MS rushing a sub par console onto the market to compete with SONY would do MS more damage (no ones forgotten RROD have they) then waiting and bringing a properly stressed test console out.

Secondly SONY is not MS only competition as their whole strategy is about dominating your living room space by being more than just a gaming console simply because MS have crafted a brand name in the Xbox that goes beyond what traditional consoles were originally intended to do. We have Smart TV's, we have AppleTV, we have the Steambox and the list goes on with which the next Xbox will also be competing with.

Labelling the PS4 and the Xbox 720 as the same, and competing for the same marketshare is also a little short sighted.

As much as we all know almost zip about the Xbox 720 we can still be assured that the hardcore gamers will still be catered for just as much as the casual and those that fit somewhere in between. There will still be new IP's launched on MS next console, there will still be exclusive's and not just Kinect titles. Just because nothing hasn't been announced doesn't mean they don't exist.

Its like people's mind set in respect of Kinect yes it fell completely short of what was announced when it was known as Project Natal. BUT that is not to say that it didn't have potential to become closer to its original vision with the right tech. So Kinect 2.0 I doubt will be just another novelty for the kids to play yet once again we will just have to wait and see.

Plus if MS can come out with a strong launch line up to accompany their console then sales should not be a problem and not talking about the few that have popped up on gaming sites so far. Everyone knows that you leave the surprises that will have the most impact to last and right now MS have the perfect poker face giving nothing away.

Another good example is the Wii U it came out first though is struggeling. This should be a clear warning for SONY and MS to be very careful as the market at present can be very fickle.

Mariusmssj2008d ago

Didn't 360 have a 1 year head start and PS3 still caught up? We are talking consoles with a 6 - 7 year cycle 7-8 month late launch does not mean much

Psn8002008d ago

Who knows they have a very strong fanbase .

OrbitalBT2008d ago

"If they miss this holiday season I can't see them staying competitive in the next generation"

.....just for being 3 months apart from PS4 no one's going to buy it... :\ we know nothing about it to know how well it will sell over the WII-U.

it's pretty much evident the console will launch at the beginning of next year; because we know nothing about it. so why should the console go straight into a launch along with the ps4 when it hasn't even been given it's time?

I don't think people are understanding that hardware manufactures need to have plenty of time to demo their work before a release.

the problem with this site is that everyone is believing what they want to believe.

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Darranged2009d ago

My wallet is relieved at this news.

Zezo2009d ago

this is a smart comment also.

Mike134nl2009d ago

It could be a smart move as long as they don't delay it too much. I am pretty sure the ps3 will sell out with or without the holiday season. That said it is likely the next xbox will also have a shortage.

Rushing the launch of their new console could pose several hardware and software problems. Since not much or any information is available on the hardware or software status of Microsoft console it is rather hard to say. Same goes for Sony will they do a worldwide launch in 2013? If Microsoft has problems with the yield rate of their chips production Sony might have the same problem.

Launching a new console in a holiday season might be use full for them if they want to try to capture the casual market (parents buying consoles for their family) either way a new launch will most likely result in a shortage.

I find the guessing game fun, but there really is not enough information available to decide of it really is a smart move.

FITgamer2008d ago

@jcnba28 if you're gonna make comment like that it might be a good idea to include a valid point. Just saying.

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mike32UK2009d ago

I'm a PS gamer. Always have been always will be, but this MS bashing is getting ridiculous now I really feel sorry for them, no one knows anything until they come out and tell us themselves. Leave them to do what they are doing and they will show us what they have when they are ready. Jeez guys, give them a break!

mcstorm2009d ago

Well said. But its the way of this site. Any reason to bash something people don't like for what ever reason they will.

Even if MS bring out a console that has no faults and a perfect online people will still go on with them selfs.

For me I cant wait to see what MS have on offer as there products over the last few years have been amazing.

WP, Surface are 2 of the best bits of technology I have used for a long time so it should be interesting to see what they do with the next xbox.

That Said I already own a WiiU and loving it and cant wait to get hold of a PS4 as it looks like Sony have found the old PSX life in them which for me has been there best console they have made so far.

Oh_Yeah2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

All Microsoft has to do to stop the hate from people on this site is simple... Free multiplayer, a variety of exclusives, and reliable hardware and I'm pretty sure the hating will subside.

mcstorm2008d ago

@Oh_Yeah I agree but I don't see why people hate Microsoft so much or why people hate Sony or Nintendo for that matter.

They give what everyone is on here for and that is games.

I find it funny I get 9 disagrees yet one person has not said what they disagree with as there are a few pints in my post.

abzdine2009d ago

that Feb20th PS4 announcement shaked them.. If ever next xbox will release this year it'll have lots of flaws like a RROD equivalent and more cause they are rushing too much to get it out.

the console isn't announced yet and it's doubtful that it releases in fall 13

fermcr2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Please, don't behave like a 5 year old fanboy (unless you are 5 years old).

Do you really think Microsoft didn't know about the PS4 and it's features before it was announced ? Do you think Sony doesn't already know about the next Xbox's features ?

How naive can you be!
Do you still believe in Santa ?

abzdine2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

you get angry like a 5yo, not me.
as far as i know MS and Sony are two rival companies and none knows what the other is up to.

Remember Sony always said they will be the last to show their next big thing and since PS1 sony never released their console first and im sure MS were sure they'd have the same advantage of releasing their machine before sony's which must have gone against their plans. maybe they're still planning to release the console this year but they are clearly struggeling to make an official announcement and they seem clearly hard at work on next box.

i'm just analysing the situation now give me your version of things

JeffKaos2009d ago

While I'll avoid the insults trust me both Sony and Microsoft knows exactly what's going on with the other. Just look at the way websites like this find information: combing the Internet and trade journals for for job postings, patent and trademark applications and other little tidbits of info in order to piece things together and now imagine an entire department in each company that does exactly the same. And this is just the legal, less shady stuff. I'm sure there's other stuff going on too.

duli142008d ago

they probably got spies from MI5 working for them :p lol.

BitbyDeath2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

'Do you really think Microsoft didn't know about the PS4 and it's features before it was announced ?'

Sony's own employees didn't know the full spectrum of the PS4 before it was announced so there is no chance MS knew anything over them.

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