Exclusive GTA IV content for PS3, too

Microsoft could barely contain its glee at being able to confirm exclusive downloadable content for next year's Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV - but PS3 fans need not fear, as it seems the Sony release is also firmly in line to receive its very own dazzling additions.

According to a source close to Rockstar North, the team is working on exclusive supplemental content for both systems, which will be made available for download via Microsoft and Sony's respective online services after the game's release next year.

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zypher6256d ago

who didn't see this coming?

kmis876256d ago (Edited 6256d ago )

It turns out Rockstar likes to make as much money as they possibly can. Who could have guessed? Not hardwood, apparently.
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kmis87 - 27 Sep 2006 14:56 | Let him/her speak
That still doesn't mean the ps3 won't get additional content, they just confirmed that their will be exclusive content for the 360 version. The ps3 could have exclusive content too. Plus, both systems get the game, which is what most people care about.
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3.1 - i don't think so
hardwood2001 - 27 Sep 2006 15:34 | Let him/her speak
Microsoft and Rockstar have signed an "exclusive agreement" to provide episodic content via Xbox Live
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kmis87 - 27 Sep 2006 17:17 | Let him/her speak
Where does it say that? It says there will be 2 episodes exclusive for the 360. It doesn't say anything about exclusives beyond that or that those 2 episodes will be the only extra content.
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Notice how 4 people disagreed with me and one person agreed with that guy.

PS3 Ultimate6256d ago

Its because it will sell way more on the PS3 thats why. Who would be stupid enough to make a game for just the 360? Its obvious they're not only aiming for the U.S. market. If they want big sales, always include the games on, The PLAYSTATION 3!

TheMART6256d ago

Ofcourse the PS3 can get exclusive downloadable content also, but the 2 exclusive episodes for the 360 are just for the 360.

The content for PS3 could be anything from also episode(s) to downloadable cloths, armor or vehicles.

I am sure though what's exclusive stays exclusive

andy capps6256d ago

Right, and the PS3 extra episodes will be exclusive to the PS3. Personally I'm really tired of these games, unless Rockstar really changes it a lot. I'm looking forward to LA Noire a lot more than this.

PS3 Ultimate6256d ago

u should'nt keep talking like this lmfao! Your bubbles are going DOWN DOWN if u keep this up. lmfao!

TheMART6256d ago

PS3 fan this is just a normal point I am mentioning. you know your own bubbles are cut down if you keep spamming people that bring up normal questions like this!

Enjoy you'll be on zero soon

Retard6255d ago

You seem to be following the rest of the fanboyism in loosing bubbles as well.

TheMART6255d ago

That's just the Sony fanboys that don't enjoy my sarcasm and even spam me for saying the truth. And well it's one bubble gone. Was there before and earned one back for posting articles. So it'll be going up and down.

People that have a good laugh about my black humor and the articles I post will give me positive feedback I guess

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Boink6256d ago

the are not going to shun sony like that, of course there will exclusives for them too.

I also have no doubt that those exclusives will be exclusive to either system for long.

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