How Microsoft's Xbox 3 Can Steal the Show at E3 2013

Tynan Muddle at writes: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo is just around the corner and if there's one hardware manufacturer that has the most to gain, or lose by their showcase this year, it's Microsoft.

It may be hard to believe that those little wonder-boxes under our TV's are only Microsoft's second iteration of the Xbox system, and if Xbox 3 is to make any sort of public debut this year it will have to be at the worlds' largest gaming convention, E3.

We put together a list of what we think Microsoft will showcase at this years' event, and what we feel it needs to do to steal the show!"

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Dlacy13g2005d ago

FINALLY!!!! ..... someone not calling it the Xbox 720. :)

Dlacy13g2005d ago


+bub for the chuckle

XB1_PS42005d ago

Aww poor Thirty3Three.. I would bubble you up, but my brothren have down voted you with reason. I cannot betray them.

BABYLEG2005d ago

I'm ready... I said I'm ready. Wish I can just sleep until Microsoft announces something

WeAreLegion2005d ago

They'd had to do something amazing to get a purchase out of me.

matrixman922005d ago

no always on, can play used games, new ips, blu ray, games, games and more games...only way I will choose it over Sony

zypher2005d ago

In other words, you will choose it if it's like the PS4 ...?

matrixman922005d ago

yes, because I already prefer 360 over ps3. So if it will be the exact same, then I will get it over ps4

KentBlake2005d ago

PS4 is a day one for me, because I love Sony's exclusives.

Xbox just needs one thing for me to buy it too: exclusives. Not that timed exclusive nonsense, but REAL exclusives, and especially new IPs, since I'm not much of a Halo guy (love Gears, though).

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The story is too old to be commented.