Down the Rabbit Hole: The Narrative Genius of Virtue's Last Reward

What goes into making a story as twisted as VLR? We talk to the game’s creator to find out. ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

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Jackhass2099d ago

I absolutely loved this game.

shikamaroooo2097d ago

14 hours in and I can see why. Such a great game.

insomnium22097d ago

I guess the demo didn't do this game justice. Since I now have this game thanks to PS+ I will give it a whirl and see if it's better than the demo implied. Just gotta get my Vita a new charger damn it. My stupid cat chewed the cord and now it won't charge. Soul Sacrifice demo is waiting too...

2097d ago
yaz2882097d ago

do you need to play 999 before this one?

Inception2097d ago

You don't have to, even though some characters from 999 made an appearance in here. And at some point there's a flashback for 999 story too. But if you want to know more details for 999, than you should play it.

-Gespenst-2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I'd definitely play it. Don't be turned off just because it's older, it's absolutely fantastic and to be honest there are aspects of it I prefer to VLC.

And yes, it is kind of important that you play it. Numerous bombshells will be lost on you otherwise. Lots of characters show up from it. Also there's a third game coming out which I'm sure will bring in other familiar characters and names.

Don't worry about being on top of all the latest games and all that crap. Just play 999, enjoy it, and then play VLC. You'll definitely enjoy it.

o-Sunny-o2097d ago

I want this fur free. U.S. Plus kinda sucks in comparison of you guys... T-T