Avalanche Studios says players by-and-large don’t care that much about story.

Sundberg went on to mention that Avalanche Studios worked for 3-5 months crafting the story missions in Just Cause 2, but only 18% of the players who bought the game actually completed the story. I think I can give a better reason for why it seems like players don’t care about the stories in “big name” titles: They stink.

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majiebeast2009d ago

It really depends on what type of game it is for me. Like Bioshock:Infinite the story for me was the game the gameplay came second, but in Infamous,Saints row and GTA i really dont care that much about the story.

Kalowest2009d ago

"but in Infamous and GTA i really dont care that much about the story." ???
Why is that... both of those games are very story-driven.

GribbleGrunger2009d ago

By and large the story is just the mechanic to hang the gameplay on, but if the story WAS the game, THEN you'd have something extraordinary. That's why I'm eager to play TLOU and Beyond.

Derekvinyard132009d ago

I don't agree with him because not all games are as big and broad just cause games, and I loved just cause 2 but when he said only 18% of people finished the story that could be because the story for that game wasn't really good. It moved the action along perfectly, I liked the story it was goofy in a way.

Snookies122009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

No offense Avalanche... I LOVED Just Cause 2, but the story in that game blew... It was horrible. That's why I never completed it. Give me a great story, and I'll go through it no problem.

Godmars2902009d ago

maybe you guys should make a game with a compelling story before saying everyone else should make them as shallow as you do.

WeAreLegion2009d ago

Just Cause 2 is amazing, but people don't complete it because the story sucks AND they don't want the fun to end.

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