Ninja Gaiden III prototype sold on Ebay for $3,000

A one-of-a-kind item. Which game's prototype cartridge will be found next?

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majiebeast2004d ago

Itagaki is selling his prototype versions of ninja gaidens and tecmo bowl to fund devils third.

oof462004d ago

Ninja Gaiden 1 was infuriatingly difficult, but I finished it. 2 was less hard and I finished it. 3, was the easiest of the 3 and had that cool doppelganger mechanic...but I didn't see it to the end. I wonder why...


This is money well spent... it's a one of a kind collectors piece/history.

innocentrebel2004d ago

Game did not sell. Looking at the listing it clearly says on top, "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available." This means no bids and no buy it now was used. It was pulled off by the seller.
Maybe someone bought it from him off eBay, but it didn't sell on eBay.