Fighting Games Deserve Better Stories

Kenneth at DualShockers Writes:"Story is important. As fighting game fans, we may sometimes sleep on or altogether forget about stories. The core narrative elements in most fighters typically lead back to a tournament or fighting competition of some kind, which is more than enough of a reason to grab your arcade stick and mash away. However, I think that we only feel this way because this is what we’ve become accustomed to.

If a good story appeared more frequently in the more popular fighting games, then we would eventually come to expect it from the genre. Just think about that for a moment."

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Snookies122009d ago

Persona Arena, Blazblue, Mortal Kombat... Those are about the only ones I can think of that have good story modes.

booni32009d ago

SoulCalibur has had some noteworthy ones...but even then, Blazblue's story modes can be very hard to follow. The genre needs not just more stories, but better conveyed/told stories as well.

Snookies122009d ago

I'll give you that, Blazblue is hard as hell to follow. You have to really pay attention. Didn't understand the first game's story until I went through it a second time lol.

zeeshanhs2009d ago

And what about Tekken? They have really improved story-lines since Tekken 5.

Dark112009d ago

so you call reading text with character pictures and bubble frames a story mode?

Snookies122009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

It has a deep story, yes. What do you think Visual Novels are played for? They're just text with pictures. Yet they're very popular in Japan for their stories.

I would much rather have a deep story told through pictures than a shallow one in 3D.

Kalowest2009d ago

BB has the best story mode!!!

Deadpool6162009d ago

The King of Fighters series had storylines in saga's. At one point I think South Town was blown up by a satellite laser. It got rather crazy.

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MysticStrummer2009d ago

There's only so much you can do with a premise that focuses on fighters fighting each other in fights. You're not going to get many deep stories out of that.

booni32009d ago

That's not true at all. Observe the examples.

trenso12009d ago

i think this is what turns me off from fighting games, i like a story and they arent very in depth

CanadianTurtle2009d ago

I don't know if I'm allowed to call Smash Bros Brawl's story mode an actual good story but I felt that it was quite enjoyable seeing all the Nintendo characters reacting to one another. Maybe it's not the most well thought out story, but the cutscenes were really enjoyable.

I don't really find story to be a big deal. I look for cool character back-stories. I think Street Fighter is good at that.

Pintheshadows2009d ago

I know Injustice's story is not original within DC lore (similar has appeared in the animations and comics) but for a fighting game it is pretty fantastic. Like the game itself.

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