BBC Hopeful For Increased Cross-Merchandising In Next Xbox

If you've ever wanted to go right from watching an episode of Doctor Who to playing a game starting the Time Lord to purchasing your own sonic screwdriver, the BBC wants to make that happen. Speaking with GamesIndustry International, the network's executive vice president, Robert Nashak, spoke about the value of Microsoft's platform.

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GalacticEmpire2004d ago

Microsoft, hated by indie devs, loved by TV companies.

What does this tell you about the direction of the Xbox brand?

ApolloTheBoss2004d ago

A direction I surely won't be taking.

Knight_Crawler2004d ago

Speak for your self...if MS can find a way to make the 720 an all in one beast of a machine that has awesome games and is the ultimate entertainment hub then I am in.

I need to get rid of my Dish Network service as I am sick and tired of the BS they put me through.

Would be sweet if the 720 doubles as a PC with all the premium stuff that office offers so I can also get rid of my PC.

Septic2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Oh please seriously?

The anti-MS whining is just getting tiresome. Fair enough N4G is predominantly populated by Sony fanboys but this constant habit of making issues out of nothing is just sad. Oh Microsoft hated by indie devs......when only a couple mentioned their issues with them. What about when indie devs spoke up in defence of Microsoft? People actually came on and posted that MS paid them off? Really?

Had this been a feature talking about the PS4 you'd be reading about 'seamless gaming experiences' and a machine does everything and beyond.

The article and the BBC spokesman are more speculative in nature and allude to what the BBC hope the nextbox can achieve. We have no concrete info about the Nextbox just yet. So in the words of Arnold Shwarzenegger (sp?), "STOP WHINING!".

*Don't even say that I'm whining about people whining! Don't you dare!*

SpringHeeledJack2004d ago

"N4G is predominantly populated by Sony fanboys but this constant habit of making issues out of nothing is just sad"

*Then procedes to attack people at the mere hint of criticism against MS

I'd look at yourself before you call anybody a fanboy. Stop being immature it's got nothing to do with sony fanboys people just don't want a console geared towards everything but games, oh and that doesn't make them fanboys.

You must have selective memory if you think this site is mostly sony fanboys if didn't notice all the anti ps3 n vita articles that got approved.

Septic2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

"Then procedes to attack people at the mere hint of criticism against MS"

Mere hint?? Are you actually serious? Mere hint as in article after article of complete speculation and u turns? Mere hint as in hundreds of comments regurgitating the same vitriol from the same people with the same agendas?

***I'd look at yourself before you call anybody a fanboy. Stop being immature it's got nothing to do with sony fanboys***

It's got nothing to do with Sony fanboys? I'm sorry, is this your first visit to N4G? The comments have been recycled from the same people who just happen to have always had a favourable disposition for one company and intolerance for anything else.

And please don't even try to call me a fanboy. I'll be one of the first to get my hands on the PS4 (IA), and it might even be my primary console that I play on. So next time, when you think about making knee jerk posts, stop and think before you type out any ill thought out sentiments.

SpringHeeledJack2004d ago

"And please don't even try to call me a fanboy"

Looking bk at your comments and what you submit you are nothing but a fanboy and a bit of a troll.

I mean look at your past comments calling people trolls for liking killzone storyline over halo. That's not trolling that's preference. Just except people might not think the xbox is the be all n end all and stop attacking people.

Time to grow up and stop the paranoid comments please.

Septic2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I'm sorry, but clearly you're lacking reading comprehension even when you're selectively reading what you want. First of all, the chap was a troll by virtue of the way he made his claim, regardless of how ridiculous it was.

Secondly, please point out how I'm part fanboy and part troll? I've always praised all companies when it is deserved. I have nothing but good things to say about the PS4, offering very little, if any criticism against them. Compare this to the rumours regarding the next Xbox, I have been quite critical, albeit in an objective manner without jumping on the popular hate bandwagon. I've also stuck up for Nintendo against silly fanboy comments spelling it's doom.

So no, it's time for you to 1) take a hard look in the mirror at yourself and then decide who you want to call a fanboy (2) invest some time in obtaining some reading comprehension skills and also open your eyes to the countless trolling by Sony fanatics who not only spout nonsense but purposely adopt tactics like prevent positive rumours about the Nextbox spreading (remember that?) and (3) try not to make yourself look like a complete hypocrite and take a piece of your own advice and grow up.

GalacticEmpire2004d ago

"Don't even say that I'm whining about people whining! Don't you dare"

That's what people say when they know they are doing exactly that and don't want to be called out on it.

Springheeledjack is right, yes my comment was critical of MS but that doesn't mean it's trolling, I love Sony or that you can make claims of victimisation.

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Urusernamesucks2004d ago

Cable/gaming box, better than just one.

dcbronco2004d ago

I bet those disagrees were from people playing games on a Blu-ray playing, movie streaming, web browsing, music playing PS3.

hazardman2004d ago

Nothing other than its gonna be able to do alot of things. Including having great games as well!

Yetter2003d ago

I wouldn't be so sure. If MS can get the seamless integration between XBLA and Win8 RT and Pro and Windows phone then they will have massive appeal for indie developers. Develop a game once and have it available on four platforms, customers can purchase once and have a copy on each (like you can currently with Galactic Reign and Skullz of the Shogun).

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DOMination-2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Could this be a hint that accessing these services could be free if bbc are bigging it up?

In the UK at least, the iplayer isnt allowed to be on xbl because you would need to pay for gold and this is against bbc policies..

falviousuk2004d ago

The BBC iplayer app is available
On the Xbox and can be used by anyone regardless if they pay for gold or not.

Again more rubbish spread on N4G regardless of facts or truths.

oof462004d ago

It could actually be a very interesting partnership...just as long as the games aren't hastily made shovelware made to capitalize on a show's popularity.