Battlefield 3 - Venice Unleashed Will Bring Mods To DICE's FPS, Closed Beta Enlistments Open

DSOGaming writes: "Venice Unleashed will feature an Extension System, which exposes lots of engine/game functions and abilities. Thus, players will be able to create their own unique mods and gamemodes, without the need of performing complicated and game-breaking file modifications. Yeap, modding is coming – via this unofficial method – to BF3."

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Pandamobile2008d ago

"It’s ironic, but NoFate is doing what DICE has failed to accomplish.Not only that, but it also proves that the development team did not release BF3′s modding tools on purpose and not because modders would have a ‘difficult time figuring them out'"

Hacky work arounds are hardly the same thing as real mod tools. There's dozens of decisions that factored into DICE not releasing official mod tools (business, legal, technical, licensing, etc).

It's not as simple as people think it is to push out a full SDK for a high end game engine.

Lior2008d ago

I applied and got in but when does it actually start?

john22008d ago

no ETA yet, but hopefully soon

HammadTheBeast2008d ago

You want to know why mods weren't released?

Because it would detract from DLC sales. When a modder can make maps twice as good as the DLC ones, he would destroy them in terms of downloads. And why wait for DLC when modders bring you everything and more?

**** EA.

DeadlyFire2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I wouldn't mind paying for user created maps. EA could setup a DLC system for user content. Say 50/50 type of deal with the owner of the map and EA both getting a cut. Both profit and puts more re-playability into the game. Its win/win system. I have played with map making before, but it could lead to some serious talent showcases.

Stefanrules72007d ago

They dont want to release modding tools because EA realise that now DLC is sadly common, why should people get new maps and experiences for free?

EA want to stop you having free content to line their pockets full of cash.

Razputin2007d ago

"There's dozens of decisions that factored into DICE not releasing official mod tools (business, legal, technical, licensing, etc)."

The dozens of reasons; they lose money, they lose money, they lose money, etc.

Do you really believe the garbage you speak? Don't fall for it bro.

DICE could have simply released their SDK for mods. It is simple. These same SDKs are watered down versions of the same tools they use.

Crytek does it, certain UBISoft titles used to do it, DICE did it, Unreal does it, almost all game engines have their own specific SDK, and most companies throw it in there for free, for the fans.

How many RTS games have SDKs? Tons, don't feed into the lies.

If DICE would have released their SDK, that would have meant no need to charge for their DLCs. Look at all the previous Battlefields.

Mods galore, and all we got from DICE were full fledged expansion packs. They were great and in essence are the same thing now, but they wanted their money first and fore most.

Pandamobile2007d ago

The problem is that Frostbite uses an ass-ton of licensed middleware that they'd have to pay extra to distribute.

Crytek gets away with it because they made just about every major component of the CryEngine from scratch. Epic gets away with it because they already do licensed stuff. Valve does it because they know a large chunk of their player base are actively involved in modding already, and they do licensed stuff as well (and they're total bros).

The long and short of it is that Frostbite was designed for internal use, meaning a heavy reliance on perforce and asset servers. Boiling it down to a functional SDK would takes months and months of time for a pretty sizable team of engineers and would have require proper documentation.

But beyond that, it really isn't beneficial to them as a business either. The returns they would see as a result of mod tools would be pretty limited, as most of the value would come from the SDK creating a small subset of the larger community. As much as we think we are, we are not actually entitled to mod tools with every major release. Just be glad that Valve still recognizes mod tools as important aspects of keeping a community engaged.

DeadlyFire2007d ago

Either way Panda. SDK to a game engine can be profitable to a publisher if they tried to utilize it. Crytek/Epic both do it because it earns them more money. Any mods that turn into real indie games earn them a profit from that license with their engine behind it.

EA could do alot more for the players with the engine SDK or even a map maker/editor tool. Its one thing every FPS game should have.

Counter Strike has had it for over a decade. I have not gotten bored of the maps yet.

Problem I believe is content delivery as well. One of their first excuses was that it would give PC players extra content over console players. Well then just fix that with a download system like say Age of Empires 2 or Raven Shield or something where you auto download maps when you play on new maps. Is that really all that hard when it was incorporated more than 10-15 years ago with Rogue Spear? Consoles do have Hard drives these days.

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HarryB2008d ago

If mods come out for bf3 I will not need to get bf4. Mod makers are more creative than a lot of these developers.

Stefanrules72007d ago

I wouldnt say modders are more creative its just that they have a lot more time and ready made items at their disposal.

The devs have to create a game from nearly nothing within a budget and time limit.

However modding tools should be available from day 1 for all games that would work with mods and the modding community do a great job and add thousands of hours of content to great games.

venom062008d ago

dont count on this... this will be shot down pretty quickly..

trenso12008d ago

as great as this sounds its probably going to be shot down pretty quick

oof462008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Wow, I'm so excited as we might finally get some mods for...wait a minute...this is for PC, right?


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