The PS4 Must Save The Vita

CheatCC says: "For any PlayStation fan that soaked in the entire two-hour PS4 announcement a couple months back, you may remember a brief mention of a remote play feature that worked in conjunction with various handheld devices. Of course, Sony was sure to give their own portable platform center stage to showcase this feature by providing a live demo of one of their exclusive games in development, Knack. From the gameplay footage, the game ran smooth and looked like it would be just as fun on the Vita as it would on the PS4. So does the successful pitch mean everyone will snatch up a Vita when they purchase their PlayStation 4?"

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NastyLeftHook02008d ago

it will definitely.

lets hope for better sales.

bothebo2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Strongly disagree. What would motivate people to spend another $250 for an optional controller for your PS4? Maybe hardcore fans of the Sony brand will buy one, but haven't most of them already?

What the Vita needs is EXCLUSIVES. Motivate the average person to go buy one! Give us awesome games like Personna 4, LBPV, ACL, and Soul Sacrifice. Games like Tearaway make me excited because it gives the Vita a sense of identity where I know I can only experience it on the Vita with some of its awesome features.

The thought that people think a $400 to $500 console will sell a $250 handheld is beyond stupid.

bicfitness2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Exclusive games, yes. There are plenty, but a lot of them haven't made it out of Japan yet. Sony would be wise to pay a few million and get some Western AAA titles on their system too - that aren't CoD. Bioshock, Battlefield. That sort of content. And the Vita won't be $250 for ever either. I would be shocked if it doesn't get a pricecut announcement at E3.

Vita is around 5-6 million sold so far and that's nothing to scoff at. Its already out of "dead" territory. Not to mention the 3rd party software attach rate (see: Soul Sacrifice - one region only so far too and 250K, Persona 4G, CoD and Assassin's Creed) is far beyond what one would expect.

So the ecosystem is there and its a gamers handheld for people that want console games on the go, but the price of entry needs to be adjusted to get more developers and consumers on board.

P.S. Soul Sacrifice is one of the best original fantasy/ horror games to come out since Demon's Souls. It's truly incredible. Does away with all the tedium that can be in hunting genre games and stabs fun right in the gut.

3-4-52008d ago

It's an option controller that can play Vita,PSP,PS1,PS2 games + PS4 games.......

Eventually this Vita thing is going to look really appealing to more people and it will start to sell.

Zezo2008d ago

Honestly, the Vita could've been so much better if it had full BC, then it would render the PSP totally obsolete. I don't know many people who want to re-buy a game just to be able to play it on their Vita, add to the fact that in order to re-buy the game, you also have to buy expensive memory to store it. Waste of money bro-ski.

Serjikal_Strike2008d ago

I'll help out by buying a vita along with a ps4

avengers19782008d ago

It's not a must have... It's nice that it has support for it... And congrats to Sony for continuing to give gamers options. But I won't be running out and getting a vita because I'm getting a PS4

Blaze9292007d ago

Sony, at least with first party PS4 games, should include some kind of free downloadable Vita version if the PS4 version is bought new - kind of like an online pass.

Besides exclusive games for the Vita, I don't know what else could save it. Ports are not the answer (PSP syndrome) and spin offs of console games are just spin offs of console games.

They need to start making games that only appear on Vita to make people buy a Vita. Having a mini experience of a game that's also on PS3/PS4 - does not help. Especially if you own a PS3/PS4.

Sony really has to figure out wtf they want to do with the Vita.

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lovegames7182008d ago

Smh lol oh boy here it goes!!!! Regurgitation of articles over and over again. Its like these journalists dont have anything good to write about other than the articles others post. Reminds me of a big Nintendo software %uckfest lol regurgitation and stale as hell lol

By the way Soul Sacrifice is awesome!!!!

bothebo2008d ago

Yeah it is! Can't wait to see if pre-orders went up after the demo. I pre-ordered it like an hour into the demo.

Trago13372008d ago

How the hell will another console save the vita?

Software sells hardware. The thing needs GAMES, and I'm not talking about good games or great games, I'm talking about MUST HAVE games.

PS4 functionality is still nice, but that's no gonna send vita's flying off store shelves.

Salooh2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I have been saying this for a long time but people just realised that. It also need a price drop for memory and games.

GTA fans will buy it if it got gta game. Same with gt/tekken/cod/bf/rpg...etc But they need to make them serious not like Declassified ..

Ps4 will help the vita too by unlocking some of it's features.

TheKayle12008d ago

we need to save the whales

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