The next two months are very important for the Wii U

Gimme Gimme Games writes about how the next two months, from this weeks fiscal earnings report leading into E3 in June, is the most important time for the Wii U. They write:

"The next two months are the most important for the Wii U as Nintendo needs to send a message going into the holidays that their console is worth your dollars more than its competition. This push for the Wii U needs to start with this week's fiscal earnings report and conclude at E3. Nintendo is backed into a corner with the Wii U right now but as we learned from the 3DS in 2011 a cornered Nintendo can sometimes be a fun and amazing Nintendo."

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JonahNL2095d ago

Unless Nintendo drops a bomb at E3 in the form of Zelda, Smash Bros., Star Fox, F-Zero and/or more I'm afraid the Wii U is pretty much done for.

Neonridr2095d ago

lol, just passed 6 months old and it's done for. Did you also forecast the Vita to be done after 6 months? Or were you one of those people who always said "Wait for the Games, then it will sell."

The Wii U will be fine, you know big games are coming, and these big games will move hardware. Plain and simple.

blackbeld2095d ago

The WiiU is doing ok.

I will buy it when the new Zelda HD is out. For now I just wait for some price drop.

It's still to early to predict WiiU fate.

As long as they got Mario, Metroit, Zelda etc.. first parties then it will sell alright. No worries for Nintendo. :)

MariaHelFutura2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

The GC had Mario, Zelda and Metroid and sold 25 million and probably almost killed Nintendo.

Neonridr2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Every console that Nintendo releases almost killed them apparently. I guess Nintendo are the kings of cheating death.

You do realize how much money Nintendo has right? They aren't exactly desperate for profit like some of the other companies.

BullyMangler2095d ago

and if it doesn't sell well, the wiiU will still have game-changing exclusives, which will get copied by sony and microsoft again. < fact

BosSSyndrome2094d ago

Actually the Gamecube was profitable for Nintendo because the attach ratios for games were so high that they just made profit off of software.

JonahNL2094d ago

The Wii went through similar issues, but the only reason that console survived is because of the casual market. This time around there is no such market to fall back on. Remember E3 2008? Yeah, exactly...

R00bot2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )


Nintendo raked in a profit from the GameCube. They rather smartly decided not to sell it at a loss, so even when it did badly they still made cash.


What do you mean, there's no casual market? It's there, but there really aren't many casual games ATM (wii fit, wii sports etc).

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SonyNGP2095d ago

Smash Bros. WILL be at E3.

jcnba282095d ago

I disagree but I really like your profile pic.

BATRA2095d ago


Neonridr2095d ago

I would love to hear that too. Loved the Batallion Wars games!

mrbojingles2095d ago


They made a lot of money on the Cube despite coming in a distant third. They'll be fine.

Realplaya2094d ago

Maybe you should do research first.

R00bot2094d ago

That is a really nice chart you have there. Very informative.

lovegames7182095d ago

Forget all that. The next two months are very exciting for every console gamer. Big news from Sony and full info blowout, Big reveal for Microsoft and of course some surprises hopefully from Nintendo and some good software. I love this time of the year!

Grimhammer002095d ago

What's this fascination with "they'll be fine" or "they have tons of cash"...

I could care less if my fav gaming corp is filthy rich.
I'm interested in whether they're philosophy aligns with mine.

Ninny may have all kinda of money and can take a huge hit this next gen and still be fluid. I want solid competitve ips with equal competitve online.

None of that's going to happen. What in any of Ninny's history makes you think it could? Their living in a casual bubble that's burst. And they've lost direction. They'll never ever produce a gears or halo of their own. And the Mario's, Zelda's and Metriods are great fun ips....but their also retreaded soooo many times that any big changes will be instantly hated by fans. Leaving these ips to live in nostalgia.

I'd love to see Ninny make a massive comeback. If they had acquired bungie instead of Actibitch I'd have been sooo inspired.

As next gen really hits this Xmas...your really going to see how much 3rd party devs are shunning the WiiU. Ubisoft and Crapcom alone will not be enough.

Not having a unified achievement system was a big red flag that they didn't get the non-casuals.

Realplaya2094d ago

You should apply for a management position because I know for a fact you could right the ship. I know instead of arm chair commenting you would have sold more systems. In my Ash voice Grimhammer I choose you.

R00bot2094d ago

PS3 launched without achievements. Is it unable to get the "non-casual" audience on board?