PlayStation Store Preview – April 23, 2013: Down With CISPA

This week’s highlight(s) on the PlayStation 3, comes in the form of DLC and expansions. For the PS Vita, it’s a toss up between Thomas was Alone and Draw Slasher. - PSLS

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e-p-ayeaH3449d ago

he was alone but not any longer lol

Wedge193449d ago

Sweet, I agree, CISPA will be the death of the internet as we know it, and come one, it's already hard enough as it is for Journalists....

ftwrthtx3449d ago

Looks like a decent week for the store update. Hopefully they'll do it early instead of making us wait.

Williamson3449d ago

Im still waiting for the vita version of Ratchet and clank FFA, and the deadlock HD. Been a while since we got any news on them.

jcnba283449d ago

When is sony going to fix the PSN Store? Since they updated it the loading times have doubled. The UI is atrocious.

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The story is too old to be commented.