This H-Game Has A Metal Gear Parody!?

This virtual stalking game released last year has an unexpected parody! And clearly oblivious girls.

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majiebeast2057d ago

Sorry i couldnt get past 10seconds of techno/trance trash that was the soundtrack.

ScytheX32057d ago

this just in, theres an option that lets you move the volume slider so that you can magically lower the volume... how it works? f if i know must be some hacked implementation of some sort.

theenglishman2057d ago

The thing is, pretty much everything in that "parody" has already been parodied by Metal Gear itself. It's hard to satirize a series that doesn't take itself too seriously in the first place.

Ace_Pheonix2057d ago

Kindly take the back of your left hand and reverse-thrust it into the side of your face as hard as you can possibly imagine. Thank you.

George Sears2057d ago

Wow @ this game. Just wow.