EA turning off games’ online servers is turning me off EA

Rory Boland, Which? Conversation: Electronic Arts (EA) has shut down online servers for a number of its games. But some gamers are losing more than just the chance to trade punches with opponents around the world…

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da_2pacalypse2009d ago

Just wondering... What happens to Sim City when EA decides to shut off its servers a few years from now? Does the game become completely useless?

HammadTheBeast2009d ago

Pretty much. Which is sad considering I still play SC4 to this day.

guitarded772009d ago

Hopefully homebrewers will have a workaround by then. I'm not a fan of hacking/cracking for malicious purposes, but I respect home devs that solve problems such as this. I don't know what it will take to make it happen, but there are some pretty smart people in this world.

mrkeith2009d ago

Man i just thought about that since you said it. Makes me wonder if i should buy Sim City now. Ah screw it by the time they shut down Sim City 5 im sure Sim City 6 will be out lol

dontbhatin2009d ago

Im sure Maxis would be kind enough to add a offline mode If that ever happens. I mean who knows when they will release another sim city to have to do that. And bad company 2 came out in 09 and its still up and running. so is 2142, and 1942.

And we already knew that EA has been shutting down the annual sports games servers after 2 years. And they never shut down BF2's servers.... maybe crummy modern combat that flopped.

This is the current server list status on bf2

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SolidDuck2009d ago

Unless they patch in a single player offline mode, then yes.

Stefanrules72009d ago

EA are unlikely to do that because they will be trying to force you to buy the next one.

However, hopefully hackers and modders will be able to get their own no DRM server and even expand on the city sizes so EA cant sell you expanded land like theyre trying to do.

As for other games, youre fine if your on pc because of the reasons above but consoles are doooooomed!!!!

Agent_00_Revan2009d ago

This is my biggest fear when it comes to people talking about 'always online' consoles, like the rumored new xbox.

Servers don't stay online forever for these games. And it sucks when a game you love, even years down the line, goes under and becomes useless.

Pillsbury12009d ago

This is why free to play is not good for gaming. What happens when those games get shut down and all that money you wasted was for nothing?

mydyingparadiselost2009d ago

I have this same problem with digital games as well. Digital only + corporate greed = humanity fail

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The story is too old to be commented.