Review: Dead Island Riptide (New Gamer Nation)

Dead Island Riptide is the direct sequel to Techland’s 2011 smash hit Dead Island. In Dead Island Riptide, you’ll start your adventure exactly where you left off. However, this time there is a brand new island to explore with lots of action and mystery on its own. The game features a four player co-op mode and a deep role-playing-like system that is sure to satisfy both zombie fans and action fans alike. If you enjoyed the first game and have been
looking for your next adventure, Dead Island Riptide is the game for you.

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Chapter112006d ago

Leave it to fanboys to overrate a game.

Myst2006d ago

Perhaps they just enjoy the game for what it is? There are some people who DO enjoy the game and recognize it has faults. If they were fanboys or fangirls wouldn't it be a perfect score or at least near perfection ie. 9.7 or something out of 10?

shammgod2006d ago

great score for this much improved 2nd installment of the series!