onPause Review: Dead Island Riptide

onPause writes:

Even though I have these gripes with the game, Dead Island Riptide had me hooked again. I love the open world gameplay, the weird but ironically charming characters and the first person zombie slashing, using the weapons I crafted or got from beating a massive zombie berserker. Techland has managed to rope me back in and take a deep dive into a beautiful zombie infested tropical island that I couldn’t stop looting. If you loved Dead Island then Riptide is a game you will want to jump into as it feels just as fun, addicting and rewarding as its predecessor.

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brandonw002102d ago

Sounds interesting. I really liked the first one. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Speed-Racer2102d ago

The new wolverwine-like character seems awesome!

coolbeans2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

You seem awesome. *scoff*'re right though, he does seem awesome.

Speed-Racer2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

I know I'm awesome *stares at self in the mirror*

but on a serious note, I'm wondering if that's going to lead to player selection bias. He pretty much has a badass running kick that the others can't rival, and I'm wondering if people would really tough it out with the traditional characters when this new guy seems to be able to plough through armies of zombies.

coolbeans2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

I'm pretty sure saves of your character from the first DI carry over in some fashion. Although no one's seriously invested in their character (like with ME), it's probably easier for players to stick with the character, equipment, etc. that they had.

Edit: I haven't played Riptide so I'm not positive of what's carried over. Only have this:

mcroddi2102d ago

You can import your character at the start.

mcroddi2102d ago

The game isn't a full numbered sequel and also 50 bucks at retail, some concessions can be made here.

RonyDean2102d ago

Wasn't a huge fan of the first one but still looking forward to checking this one out. Great review!

kostchtchie_2102d ago

loved the first one, solid fun game with some crazy fun mods, looking forward to getting this when get money

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