Free to Play Unlimited Ep. 33: Monster Hunter Online, Ridge Racer Driftopia, Firefall, Ragnarok 2

In this episode Monster Hunter Online is revealed (and not a China exclusive, after all), Namco Bandai makes Ridge Racer free-to-play with Ridge Racer: Driftopia for PC and PS3, Firefall gets an open beta date and the free-to-play shooter Minimum (from Timegate, the studio involved in the Aliens: Colonial Marines mess) is announced. Our recent First Looks include the free MMO shooter Gundog: Animal World War and the strategy MMO The Settlers Online: Castle Empire. The Most Wanted game of the week is the free MMORPG Ragnarok Online 2, which just entered open beta.

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Red 5 Studios is closing down “Firefall” later today

I (Robin Ek, TGG) am very sad to inform you all that Red 5 Studio's have decided to close down their "sci-fi F2P MMO/Open world game "Firefall". Here's what's known for now.

TGG_overlord2474d ago

I wouldn't have know about the game if it hadn't been for PC Gamer Sweden.

TGG_overlord2474d ago

Mark Kern is very sad about it as well.

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2474d ago Replies(1)
BlackIceJoe2474d ago

This is sad news, because I always felt there was great potential with this game but it never got to where it could be.

Plus this was the only game to ever use the Project Offset engine too. Project Offset never came out so getting to see what it could do was the closest we ever got because of this game.

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Overwatch Assault Tiebreaker System to be Changed in Upcoming Patch

Overwatch tie breaker to be changed. Get details here!

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Games Like Firefall

We're rounding up some games like Firefall, a great concept that simply was not executed as well as we hoped. Maybe these other worlds will hit the spot!

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sampson31212715d ago

I use to love MMO's but now i can't stand them. I hope they can change the grinding and make a more engaging gameplay style.