The Evil Within preview with first details - gameplay, graphics, horror elements (PCG)

PCG published a first preview for The Evil Within, the new Survival Horror game from Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil).

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g2gshow2096d ago

geting a little ahead of myself but if this game dose really well a movie will eventually be made

WeskerChildReborned2096d ago

I need to see more right now but i'm pretty excited, i'm hoping this could be a great game since Shinji is working on it but not sure if the Dev is good but i sure am hoping so cause the game has caught my eye.

cleft52096d ago

I hope this game does well and is great.

Inception2096d ago

From the interview, look's like it will implement some stealth gameplay. Maybe when we have a shortage of item / ammo, we can pass the enemies with stealth. Anyway, can't wait for this game and the last of us ^^