GAME expects PS4 to launch in Europe this year

GAME expects PlayStation 4 to launch in the UK this year, according to marketing material spotted in store.

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rajman2008d ago

Please do, hate having to always wait months after the US release.

sengoku2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

There have been so many instances that stores
have had games and consoles listed to be released but that haven't been true.

This time i'm sure hoping they know something we don't

nypifisel2008d ago

Wouldn't make no sense, the Playstation brand is bigger in Europe then it is in the US even. Sony would be stupid not to chase its biggest market!

NBT912008d ago

Wouldn't make no sense?
So it would make sense for them to delay it in their biggest territory?

mac_sparrow2008d ago


whilst you are correct I couldn't help but be reminded of this...


nypifisel2007d ago

It would make no sense for them to delay it in Europe seeing how popular the Playsation is in here contra the US (The Playstation have sold a lot more units in Europe than in the US)

avengers19782008d ago

I thought I heard they were going to start marketing(ads) for the PS4 during a football championship, or soccer for us Americans... If this is true I could see Sony releasing in the EU at the same time or MAYBE even before a U.S release

cyclindk2008d ago

Agreed, but... could this actually mean it's launching even SOONER in the US?!

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SonyNGP2008d ago

I don't see why they shouldn't since they did it with the Vita. (with Japan being the exception)

Blackcanary2008d ago

I use to work in Game the only reason we start doing this is because the console will be coming out this year. Also helps early hype.

TheSaint2007d ago

Can you explain why most people who work in Game are tools?

Blackcanary2007d ago

nope thats just life you find people like that every where you go.

TheSaint2007d ago

No, I really don't, it's just Game.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2007d ago

That how they do things there? Nice. It's like having a sense of humor! Awsome!

Can't wait for them to spell 720.

Kurisu2008d ago

Got my deposit down with GAME, just waiting for that confirmed date. Is E3 here yet? *waits patiently*. I'll be gutted if it ends up being a 2014 release, but at least I'd still have plenty of games to play on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.