Crytek: Monster Hunter Online Is NOT Confirmed for North America and Europe

Crytek sent today another press release conflicting with the one sent two days ago and stating that Monster Hunter Online is NOT confirmed for a western release yet.

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sherimae24132009d ago

i thought it was coming.... 0_o

Abriael2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Me too, but unfortunately this isn't the case, at least for now. Crytek basically sent in a "we're sorry, we we were wrong".

I did have a bad feeling since the first press release didn't come from Tencent, but it was very clear and from a respected company, so I went with it. I should have listened to my instinct instead of others but oh well >_>

raWfodog2009d ago

I saw that other guy in another post couple days ago trying to dig into you for having doubts about the news. It seems you were right to have your doubts.

Rockefellow2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

It does not conflict the one released the other day. The website that reported it coming to a Western demographic simply don't understand what "International" means, and they declared it to be heading to North America on an ignorant whim.

Quite the common trend on N4G, when sites are struggling for hits (not Dualshockers, of course, but those small and error-ridden blog-like sites).

It's sad that Crytek has to revoke their original press release because of interpretation issues. This is what industry personnel are talking about when "reporters" twist their every word to get what they want out of a statement.

Abriael2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I advise reading the article that includes the official press release.

The press release states clearly that it conflicts with the one sent before (that didn't just state "internationally" but also "worldwide"), so if they say they were wrong, I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that they were.

Somewhere in my instinct I did have doubts (in fact the first draft of my article on that was "may be released" and was labeled as a rumor), but others made me notice that the wording was solid, so I changed it.

I wouldn't accuse "sites struggling for hits" here, whether it's mine or others. Crytek simply jumped the gun (for many possible reasons, for one they may know that the game is coming but Tencent never authorized them to confirm it, but there may be others), and others reported the press release as it was.

Greyslash2009d ago

If this isn't coming stateside I'm seriously considering taking up Japanese lessons and moving to Japan.

Abriael2009d ago

Don't know how many times I considered that myself. But the cost of living in Japan is what really scares me. It's almost twice as much as the US, and 1.5 times as Europe...

Grlpants2009d ago

You and me both, dude. They seem to get a lot of good stuff over there. But I agree with Abriael.. too expensive. XD

Captain Qwark 92009d ago

i wish they would just bring monster hunter to the us already and on either ps3 or 360 :(

raWfodog2009d ago

I can imagine it on a PS4 or Nextbox. But I guess I'll have to just live with that dream only.

Godmars2902009d ago

Thought it was on the Xbox if only in Japan.

PFFT2009d ago

Thats Frontier. PC and Xbox 360 only.

PFFT2009d ago

"Yet" Soon they will officially announce it.

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