The Daily Five: Games You Wasted Money On

"The anticipation for some games often overrules common sense and because of this, we're generally left spending money on a product that we would otherwise avoid completely. On top of anticipation, we can include peer pressure, the cool factor, and just being an idiot when it comes to making financial decisions." - Velox

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Captain Qwark 92007d ago

recently for me its defiance and army of two devils cartel. luckily injustice was a great buy

Dirtnapstor2007d ago

To each his own... Skylanders should not be on that list. I can think of several newer releases that lack the qualities necessary to deem them 'games'(can we say Defiance?). Besides, how is acquiring a collection of playable characters any different than collecting a library of games? Financial ruin comes to those who lack the concept of responsibility, not the stuff you buy.